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FFS Friday - The Prego Panic

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
It's Friday! Time for me to regale you all with my tale of weekly woes. 
Due to Chai destroying my laptop when we talk to Tiger on Skype every night, I was forced to get a tablet.

I've never been a fan of tablets, I just don't see the point, however since my phone has died it's come in quite handy. Until it died 2 weeks and 1 day after I got it. FFS.

Samsung appliances and I clearly don't get a long very well. FFS.

I tried and tried to get it to work but it wouldn't turn on. FFS.
I went to the shop where I bought it and just to be sure, tried to turn it on in the carpark, nothing. You know what's going to happen next don't you?
I took it into the shop and it turned on for the tech guy straight away. FFS.

Last week our bin wasn't emptied. FFS.

Of all the weeks it was the week when we had so much rubbish that we couldn't fit it all into the bin so we'd left some of it in the garage until the bin was emptied. FFS.

We put it out the night before bin day and at the end of bin day it was still full. FFS.

The next day was ANZAC day so I couldn't call the council until Friday. Thankfully they emptied it on Friday. Meanwhile I had 3 bags of rubbish stored in the garage. FFS.

A few weeks ago our car broke. The switch that makes the radio turn off when we get out of the car stopped working so unless we turn the radio off, it stays on. We took it to an auto electrician last week when Tiger was still here but they needed the car for the whole day. So we booked it in and I took it to them on Monday. When I picked the car up they told me that the part they needed to fix the car wasn't available so they'd done another fix that should work. (They hadn't bothered to call me to get permission to do their dodgy fix.) I asked if we should order the correct part and they assured me that the fix should be okay and I shouldn't need the part. I was a little dubious about this but assumed they knew what they were doing so paid them $396 and left. FFS.

When I got home the radio stayed on. By this time it was after 5pm, I had a hungry child and was stressed out after the baby fiasco (see below). I rang the guy, told him that the car was broken again already and he said he'd order the part for me. After I got off the phone, gave Chai tea and settled down a bit I got mighty pissed off that they'd done unauthorised work on the car, charged me $396 and that a few hours later it wasn't working again. FFS.

Tiger was understandably furious when he found out what had happened so he called them and told them off for doing unauthorised work on our car and taking advantage of a pregnant woman. They refunded us the money. Won't be going there again. FFS.

Now for the baby fiasco. When I was pregnant with Chai he moved all the time. All day, non stop. When I say non stop I mean non stop. He'd kick at least five times every hour. This baby is much quieter and I only feel it kick a few times a day. It does most of it's kicking in the middle of the night so unless I'm awake I don't feel it. FFS.
Sunday the bub was very quiet, I only felt it move twice and I was a little worried. Monday I didn't feel the baby kick at all so in the morning I called my Dr to speak to him about it. I explained my concerns to the receptionist who said she'd get the Dr to call me. Two minutes later she called and said he needed to see me at 4.30pm to examine me and do an ultrasound. FFS.
Up until this point I hadn't been too concerned but her phone call sent me into a panic. I called my cousin to borrow her doppler machine so that I could make sure bub had a heartbeat but she was in Perth. FFS.
I ate 3 chocolate biscuits, nothing. I drank two glasses of oj (always makes bub kick), nothing. I lay on my stomach, nothing. I poked and prodded my stomach as hard as I could, nothing. FFS.
By this time I was convinced that bub had died. It was only 10am, I couldn't get in touch with Tiger cause he was at work, my Dad was at work, my Mum wasn't answering her phone and my cousin was in Perth so I was alone with the whole day ahead of me. FFS.
I calmed myself down and a few hours later was sitting at my computer when I felt bub move a few times. The kicks were a lot softer than usual so I imagined that the cord was stuck around it's neck and the movements I could feel were it's final death throes (yes, that is a very scary peek into the way my brain works. This is why I don't talk about my thoughts much!) FFS.
I had no-one to look after Chai so had to take him to the Dr's with me. He was so good. The Dr was waiting when we arrived, he did an ultrasound and bub was moving and kicking away happily but I couldn't feel it. The heartbeat was regular and everything looked fine. Not FFS.
The Dr told me that my placenta is anterior (at the front), so that muffles the kicks and explains why I can't feel it very much. I wish I'd known that before I spent the whole day in a blind panic! But the most important thing is the bub is fine. Not FFS.
To take my mind off the baby not moving, I decided to make pancakes for lunch on Monday. I was making the last one when Chai decided he wanted to be picked up (he has brilliant timing). FFS.
I picked him up and was moving the pan around to spread the pancake mixture a little when I tipped it out the side of the pan and onto the burner. FFS.
In my effort to get it back into the pan I tipped more mixture out the other side of the pan. FFS.
I ended up with pancake mixture all over the hotplate, pan and burner. FFS.
Tuesday Chai and I paid a visit to Kmart. I bought him a little workman table and to his great delight it came with tools. We were walking around the shopping center and he was waving his new hammer around when a lady we were walking passed yelled out, "oh my god, he's got a hammer". I assumed she was just playing along as it was clear Chai was delighted with his hammer, so I just smiled at her. Then she continued "He's got a hammer, please don't hit me, make sure he doesn't hit me with the hammer. Is it real?" I looked at her and said "of course it's not real, it's plastic". Stupid woman. FFS.

How anyone could mistake a plastic hammer for a real one is beyond me. I know we are in the country now but surely two year olds walking around with hammers is not something that you'd see very often. FFS.

Why is it when kids get sick they always come down with it at night? Last night I put Chai to bed as per normal, went into the kitchen and started to tidy up when I heard him crying. FFS.

He was suddenly all blocked up, with a nasty cough and he couldn't breathe. FFS.

There went my plans to tidy up, relax for a little while and then get my FFS Friday post finished. FFS.

I finished the post with him sitting on the table pressing buttons on my laptop, eating all the fruit, sneezing all over me, plugging the mouse in and making me type where I didn't want to, throwing the fruit onto the floor and generally making life difficult. FFS.

It's times like this that I hate solo parenting. FFS. 
Now that you've had a laugh at my week, head over to Sarah's blog for more amusement.
Dear Baby G

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