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FFS Friday - The Maggot Invasion

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
As I mentioned yesterday the Maggot Invasion happened last week and it's so spectacular that it's worthy of it's own post.
The whole incident was made worse by my extreme tiredness. I got three and a half hours sleep Friday night and five hours sleep Saturday night. Sunday morning I was woken up at 4.30am by Eljay who refused to go back to sleep and then proceeded to wake up Chai. I tried to get Chai back to sleep but he was too distracted by Eljay so we were all up at 5am. FFS.
Other than the early wake-up our morning started off like any other. I was planning to take the boys out to see my brother so we had breakfast and I was doing some tidying up. I took the rubbish out to the bin and as I was walking back inside I noticed maggots on the garage floor. FFS.
I turned the lights on to have a better look and saw that there were maggots everywhere. FFS.
There would have been at least 300 of them. FFS.
They were all on a pilgrimage trying to get inside our house. FFS. 
You'd think with all the noise that comes from our house they would be wanting to get away from it, but they were all heading for our door. FFS.
I got out the fly spray and sprayed them but it didn't work. Fuck. FFS.
Normally I would have called Dad to come and help but he was away so I called my brother. He told me that salt would kill them so I got the salt out and assalted (haha) them but it didn't work. Double fuck. FFS.
Next I called Mum and got her to ask my step Dad how to kill them. He said barrier or surface spray and mom said hot water. Both of those methods worked. Not FFS.
I moved the car out of the garage, put Chai inside and started spraying the maggots. FFS.
They were everywhere. FFS.

All over the floor, in the lines on the concrete (I'm sure those lines have a proper name), up the walls, on the various things that we have in the garage etc. FFS.

As soon as I closed the garage door Chai started screaming because he wanted to come outside, but I think the urgent/beseaching/pleading tone of my voice convinced him to stay inside and be quiet. Not FFS.
I'd got a little bit of spraying done when Eljay woke up. FFS.
I tended to him then put him down to play and he promptly started screaming. FFS.
Great. I couldn't put him in the carrier because I didn't want him breathing in chemicals and I couldn't leave him screaming, so I called my brother to see if he could come over and help. He didn't answer the phone. FFS.
I called my BFF and she didn't answer the phone either. FFS.
I contemplated crying but that wouldn't have helped anything so I sat there trying to figure out what to do, when my BFF rang back. Not FFS.
She was at my house within five minutes. FFS.
It was 7.30am when she arrived. Not FFS.
The boys love her so happily played with her whilst I cleaned up. Not FFS.
As soon as I started spraying the garage, cockroaches started appearing inside. FFS.
I killed five of the horrible things. FFS.
I sprayed all the maggots, emptied and cleaned out the bin and then washed and swept out the garage. It took me two hours. FFS.
I used two cans of surface spray and one can of barrier spray in the garage. FFS.
From this experience I learned that maggot stick to broom and that ants eat maggots. FFS.
The rest of the day I kept on finding live maggots so spent a lot of time walking around the garage with a kettle full of boiling water. FFS.
I was still doing that Monday too. FFS. 
And Tuesday. FFS.
I'm now paranoid about maggots and I'm sure I see them every time I open the garage door. FFS.
I'm also very reluctant to use the organics bin because I don't want another maggot invasion. 
Things like this never happen when Tiger is home. FFS.

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