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FFS Friday - The FIFO Widow

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
It's just struck me that I forgot to add my link to Sarah's FFS Friday post last week. FFS.
I am so over home opens. FFS.
The last few haven't been too bad because hubby has been home to help, but Saturday he had to work so I had to do it all myself. FFS.
Saturdays home open went for an hour and 45 minutes, right at Chai's sleep time. FFS.
I was still recovering from gastro, so thankfully I had Mum here and she looked after Chai so I could get the house sorted. Not FFS.
Then I went down and spent the day at Mum's, which was really nice. Not FFS.
Monday hubby got the sack. FFS.
We knew it was coming, he was a casual and the job was supposed to end in November, so we've been lucky he got to stay there so long, however it meant that he was suddenly unemployed. FFS.
He'd heard about another job coming up and has been trying to put in the application since last Wednesday. It's been a bloody nightmare. FFS.
Firstly I couldn't get the printer to work so couldn't print out any of the forms. FFS.
I finally got it working, printed out the forms, hubby filled them in and I faxed them off. Hubby rang up to see if they had the forms and they hadn't received them. FFS.
I faxed them through again then couldn't get through to anyone to find out if they'd been received or not. FFS.
Hubby finally got through to someone on Monday but they couldn't tell him if they'd got the forms or not. FFS.
Tuesday morning he decided the only option was to go in there and speak to someone. FFS.
They offered him work doing 4 weeks away and 1 week home. FFS.
He refused and said he wants equal swings (2 weeks on 2 weeks off), which they said they couldn't offer him. FFS.
When he told them the name of the supervisor who had asked him to apply for the job, everything changed. FFS.
By mid afternoon they'd checked his references and booked him in for a medical. FFS.
Just goes to show it's not what you know. FFS.
Tuesday arvo the estate agent came to speak to us about where we are going to go next with the house. He told me that I have it too clean and tidy. FFS.
He said that I clean and tidy it to 110% and it only needs to be 85%. FFS.
This means I've been going through all this hell for no reason at all. FFS.
I still don't understand how a house can be too clean though. And I don't understand how I can have the house less clean and tidy. FFS.
Wednesday hubby had his medical. He had to fill in reams and reams of paperwork for it and the medical took 2 1/2 hours! FFS.
Then he had to drop a whole pile of other paperwork back to the office. FFS.
Thursday we were waiting on a phone call confirming that hubby had passed his medical. He rang the company who did the medical and they said the results were sent through at 10am. By lunchtime we hadn't received a phone call so rang the office, left a message which they didn't return. FFS.
He called them back at 3.30pm, they checked then said they hadn't received the medical results yet. Hubby told them that he'd been told the results were sent through at 10am, so they checked again and found them. FFS.
Which now makes it official. As of next week I'll be a single mother, fifo widow for 2 weeks out of every 4. FFS.
The good thing is that hubby will be doing equal swings, so working for 2 weeks then having 2 weeks off. Not FFS.
It also means that we can go ahead with moving down south. Not FFS.
My main concern is how Chai will cope. He has never spent a night away from either of us and I'm worried that he won't like not having Daddy around. But I'll deal with it as it comes and we've agreed that if Chai can't handle it hubby will find a job locally. 
 Who knew that applying for a job was a full time job. If hubby hadn't had this week off work there is no way he would have got this job as he wouldn't have been able to do all the running around and follow up required. Crazy. FFS.
And that concludes my whinge for the week. Have a beautiful long weekend everyone. It's my brothers birthday on Saturday and he says we should all be grateful that we get a long weekend to celebrate his birthday, hehe.
Dear Baby G

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