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FFS Friday - Struck Down In My Prime

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
In an effort to sell our house we got the ceiling painted last week. Friday night hubby saw a tiny spider on it and decided that it needed to die. FFS.
He got the tea towel, whacked the spider with it and was then surprised that it left a dark mark on the white roof. FFS.
Trying to get the mark off he wiped the roof with the tea towel, which then left another mark on the roof. FFS.
After that he then decided that he wanted to be grumpy so went around the house inspecting the walls for chips. FFS.
(You may recall that he painted the whole house prior to putting it on the market. FFS.)
Naturally there are several chips so then he started carrying on at me like it was my fault, asking how each chip got there and then telling me that I have to keep a closer eye on Chai to stop him chipping the walls. FFS.
Lucky for hubby I chose to ignore him and let him rant until he got it out of his system. FFS.
Last year I had an ultrasound. I had to drink a liter of water and hold it for an hour. They were running 1/2 an hour late so by the time I had the test I was extremely uncomfortable and couldn't even lie down. FFS.
For some unknown reason the sonographer decided to check my kidney prior to me going to the toilet and then wrote on the report that it was distended (probably cause I'd had a liter of water in my bladder for an hour and a half). She didn't bother checking it after I'd gone to the loo. FFS.
When the Dr saw the report he suspected that everything was fine however to be sure that it was he said I needed to have a follow up ultrasound. FFS.
I couldn't get Mum to come up to look after Chai until last week, so went and had the test. The guy who did the ultrasound was amazingly thorough and was really surprised when I explained to him what had happened. Not FFS.
Unsurprisingly my kidneys are both fine. What a waste of time. FFS.
After constantly complaining about the child locks in the kitchen, hubby got new ones. FFS.
He put them on 2 of the cupboards and I told him not to change the one on the third cupboard, but he ignored me and changed it. FFS.
This now means that when we want to open that particular cupboard we have to undo 2 child locks before we can open the cupboard. FFS.
Naturally that's the cupboard that we use the most. FFS.
Every time I see her MIL asks me what size clothes Chai wears. When I answer her she never believes me so is constantly buying him size 4 or 5 clothes (he is a size 1). FFS.
The last time she came down she bought a pile of size 4 - 5 clothes and insisted that they would fit him. She didn't believe me when I told her they would be too big and made him try everything on. FFS.
She was extremely surprised when it was all too big and tried to convince me that they really did fit him, even though the t-shirts came down to his knees and the shorts were falling off as he walked. FFS. 
You may remember me complaining about my G Shock watch last year. I bought it and two weeks later had to return it as the paint was chipping off the face. I've had it back about three weeks now, worn it no more than four times and the paint is chipping off again. FFS.
Wednesday I was struck down in my prime - with gastro. FFS.
I had the foresight to be struck down in the early hours of the morning, before hubby left for work, so he took the day off to look after Chai. Not FFS.
In typical hubby style he decided to use the day off to do all sorts of things, then got frustrated when doing these things was difficult with a toddler in tow. FFS.
I had to remind him that he was having the day off to look after Chai, not to do all his running around. That sorted him. FFS.
You know those people who just don't get that you sms them cause you don't want to talk? Mum is one of them. FFS.
I sent her a message Wednesday night to see if she could come and help with Chai on Thursday, so she immediately rang me. FFS.
And then wanted to chat, even though I told her I was sick. FFS.
But she came to help and stayed Thursday night. Not FFS.
As I sit here trying to type this, Chai is in bed next to me pressing keys, kicking me and generally making life difficult. FFS.
And that concludes my whinge for the week. Have a beautiful weekend :)
Dear Baby GW

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