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FFS Friday - Stressed Or Desserts?

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
After having nothing to whinge about last week, I'm back with complaints, yay!

Tiger's parents visit us every time he's home. Without fail. FFS.

Whilst I appreciate that they make the effort to visit us every month, sometimes it gets a bit much. FFS.

Last time he was home they'd said that they weren't visiting. That worked out well because I was clearing out the junk room so needed to be able to spread out in there, which I can't do when they're using the room.

I was mid way through junk room hell when they decided to visit. FFS.

They didn't bother asking if it was okay, they just announced late Thursday afternoon that they'd be down Friday. FFS.

No worries, that's fine, we'll clear our schedule for you. FFS.

I'm not sure about everyone else but for me having visitors requires planning, so I like a bit of notice. I need to make sure the house is reasonably tidy, we have enough food etc. FFS.

Plus, I'm an introvert, I don't like having people in my space and need a few days to mentally prepare myself when my space is going to be invaded. FFS.

Due to them not giving us any notice, I didn't have the chance to prepare for their visit. FFS.

We'd already made plans for first thing Friday morning so didn't get home until lunchtime, then I had to race around getting prepared for their arrival. FFS.

Added to that, Tiger and I were also getting ready for our trip to the Gold Coast. We have to get everything prepared early because Tiger flies in from work and we leave the next day, so I have to take everything he needs to Perth with me. We've got people house sitting for us so the house has to be tidy too. FFS.

There was a lot to do and not much time to do it. FFS.

Thankfully when Tiger's parents are here they keep the boys busy so we can get on with what we need to do. Not FFS.

Not that we did, we spent the whole time out and about. FFS.

When Tiger is home we never get anything done because he takes so long to do the running around. I'm not sure how he manages it but whenever we go out to do a few things it takes us at least four hours. FFS.

The things I get done in an hour take him four hours. FFS.

That means by the time we get home it's time to pick up Chai, so nothing gets done. It's so frustrating. FFS.

Tiger is one of those people who leave everything to the last minute then run around all stressed trying to get things done in time. FFS.
We're going away in a few weeks and as usual, Tiger isn't organised. FFS.
I wanted to book Bella into a kennel so she'd be sorted but Tiger refused and said he'd organize it. He still hasn't. FFS.
That's not quite true, he's half organised it. FFS.
The first three nights we're away there's no-one to look after Bella. FFS.
He wanted to ask my mum, I told him not to bother because I knew she'd say no. He asked her anyhow. FFS.
She said no. FFS.
Whilst waiting for her to say no, he wasted two days where he could have been arranging something. FFS.
We still have no-one to look after Bella for the first three nights. FFS.
I could get stressed about it, but it's Tigers problem not mine, so I'm not getting stressed. He is. FFS.       
Ah well. It could be worse. All my complaints are first world problems

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