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FFS Friday - Snot Head

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hello Friday! The Friday of a long weekend is always wonderful isn't it? Actually any Friday is wonderful. 
Chai, Eljay and I very cleverly managed to get sick this week. FFS.
The reason I say we are clever is that we got sick whilst Tiger is home. If we'd gotten sick when he was away it would have been a disaster. FFS.
We are all full of snot, it's not pleasant. FFS.
I think snot is about the only bodily fluid that I haven't complained about yet, so here it is. FFS.
Chai got sick on Wednesday, I got sick yesterday and Eljay got sick last night. FFS.
Everytime I get sick Tiger immediately assumes I haven't been taking care of myself and gives me the third degree. FFS.
"Have you been taking your multi vitamins? Are you taking this? Are you taking that?" FFS. 
It drives me bonkers! FFS.
Then he starts suggesting all sorts of medications I should take. FFS.
My response to this is always the same, "can't take that, I'm breastfeeding". FFS.
You'd think he would know that considering I've breastfed for a total of 24 months. FFS. 
Also, Tiger and I are very different when it comes to looking after our health. Tiger thinks that if something is wrong you pop a pill to fix it. I think that some things need to run their course and I will usually seek a natural remedy first. So even if I wasn't breastfeeding I wouldn't take any of the medications that Tiger suggests. FFS.
Not to be dramatic or anything but I think it might be more humane for me to be put down. FFS.
Chai is at that wonderful stage where he says everything over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. FFS.
It's sofa king annoying. FFS.
Last week, in the two minute trip to my Dad's house he said the same thing to me twelve times. FFS.
I responded ten times then gave up. FFS.
I'm not one to wish his life away but I really hope this stage is over soon. FFS.
That's the end of my pathetic attempt at FFS Friday this week, I have more but my brain is too full of snot for me to remember what it is. If you'd like to read much more entertaining FFS Friday posts, head over to Sarah's blog.
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