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FFS Friday - School

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Since he started school I've been worried about Chai. He wasn't ready to start school and he hasn't been ready for either of the years that he's done.

He needs to be held back a year.

They won't hold him back.

Unless a child isn't coping emotionally, socially and academically they won't hold them back.

Chai copes socially so they won't hold him back.

They think he's coping emotionally, I'm not so convinced.

He doesn't like school and would much rather not go.

He's developing anxiety symptoms which I'm sure are due to the pressures put on him at school.

A five year old should not have anxiety.

His school report said that he didn't meet the required standards for pre primary in any area, and yet they'll let him go to year one.

How is that going to work?

They've told me his year one teacher will be made aware of the level that he's at and that there are other children at the same level as him.

That's unfair for Chai and his teacher.

I'm so annoyed.

I talked to a friend who is a teach and she told me to see the Headmaster as soon as the office opens so that's what I'll be doing next year. 
I'm not going to let my baby struggle and hate school, that's not an acceptable option.
This further supports my plan to sell everything and run away. 
Tiger is finally starting to come around to this idea, my constant brainwashing is working! Yay!

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