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FFS Friday - Scarce

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hello lovelies. How are you all? Have you had a good week?I have lots to whine about today so get a drink and settle in. 
I had my first negative experience using NDIS services. So far we've been lucky but recently we almost weren't. 
I've been looking for a physio for Chai for a while now. He's outgrown OT and needs a physio. I thought I'd found one, I found a company who had availability and they seemed really nice. I spoke to them on the phone, they said they could get Chai in within four weeks and said they'd send me some forms to fill out. 
I opened the forms and it was a service agreement for two years, for fortnightly OT and physiotherapy, with a total of $21,767.72. WTF?! I wasn't willing to sign the agreement without having met the practitioners and discussed what Chai needs and what they can do for him, so I called them but they wouldn't make an appointment for me, they wanted me to email them. I didn't bother. 
I've had all our providers since before we had NDIS, so I wasn't sure if signing a service agreement was standard practice or not, so I asked Chai's old OT's receptionist. She checked and got back to me. It's not normal at all. Thankfully I checked with her! She gave me the name of a good physio who does not want me to lock myself in for two years.
Things like this make me so angry. Taking advantage of people with a disability is disgusting. Charging them ridiculous prices because the government covers it is also disgusting. Chai gets a set amount of funds for the two years and I have to make sure they last him that whole period. I'm certainly not going to waste the funds on services that he doesn't need. Once the funds are gone they're gone, which means Chai would go without the help he needs until the next plan starts.  Added to that, he already has two different therapies and tutoring, so adding in two more would mean he was having therapy at least twice a week. I refuse to make his life all about therapy. He need to be able to be a kid and have fun.
I'm going to see if there is somewhere that I can report that company for dodgy practices.
A few weeks ago we had the boys school disco. As usual it was lots of fun. As usual it was the same people doing all the work. I've been on the school P&C for two years now and there's something I just don't understand. Why don't more parents get involved? I know everyone is busy, people have work and leisure commitments, but surely most people could spare a little bit of time every now and again to do something that will help their kids?
We always have the same few people helping out. There are four of us who do most of the work at events. It's a lot to do. Each year we struggle to get enough people to attend meetings and help with functions. I wish I could understand why parents hesitate to help. We have a really lovely group of parents, the events we run are a lot of fun, we have just as much fun as the kids do. Everyone is easy to get along with and it's just a great time. Plus, seeing the excitement of the kids is worth all the hard work. 
So why don't more people get involved? I just don't understand. Surely they want fun events for their kids? Don't they realize those events don't happen if parents don't organize them?
I haven't told you about our coffee machine saga.
Two weeks before the end of term 2 we took our coffee machine in to be serviced. It had been tripping our power so they said it'd take about a week to get fixed. Nearly four months later we still don't have it back. 
First up the technician told us that he couldn't turn the machine on. It had been working fine, it just tripped the power when I tried to descale it. He finally managed to turn it on, then told us the boiler was broken and needed to be replaced. He ordered a boiler and was waiting for it to arrive. Then the school holidays came and he doesn't work school holidays. When the holidays were over he said that the boiler still hadn't arrived (four weeks). The boiler arrived, he replaced it and told us we could pick up our machine, by this time he'd had the machine for six weeks. When I went in to pick it up he told me that it wasn't ready, he'd been descaling it and it'd tripped the power again, which is when he realised that a pipe was leaking onto the boiler. Naturally he didn't have one of those pipes so had to order one.
When I went to pick the machine up he took me out to his work room. It was a mess, there were machines in pieces all over the place, it was dirty and disorganised. We've been using this business for eight years and never had a problem, so I figured maybe he was just having a bad day.
About four weeks ago we contact him again (by then he'd had the machine for three months) to find out what was going on. He told us he was waiting for seals. We weren't aware there was a problem with seals but didn't bother questioning it.
Three weeks ago we phoned again and were told that the technician had left but there was one coming down from Perth. That afternoon we were told we could pick up the machine. When we picked it up the shop manager told us the technician had checked the machine, put it back together and it was working well.
We got it home, turned it on and could not make a coffee because the infuser was missing. The machine can't run without an infuser. We called the shop manager who waited at the shop for us to go back and pick up the infuser. She was immediately suspicious that the technician hadn't even checked the machine because if he had the infuser would not have been missing.
We got our infuser, went home, turned the machine on and made a coffee. The coffee turned out fine but the machine was making a really loud noise that it'd never made before. It was also scratched on the side and top and there were stains that won't come off all over the front and side of the machine.
We got to enjoy our machine for two days then I had to take it back to the shop. They had a technician look at it but ultimately it had to be taken to Perth for repair. They told us that could take up to three weeks. FFS. So we still have no coffee machine. Luckily the weather is warming up and I've figured out how to make cold brew coffee. That's it for my epic whinge session. Have a wonderful weekend beautiful people. You are all awesome. 

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