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FFS Friday - Say What?

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
We had another assessment appointment for Chai this week, this one was with a speech pathologists. So much time and money is spent trying to teach these kids how to interact with the world. How much time is spent teaching everyone else to interact with these kids who will soon become adults? There are so many neutrdivergent kids and adults around yet we're not teaching neurotypicals how to interact with them. Why should neurodivergent people change themselves to fit in with society? Why can't we just accept differences and let them be?I think I'm missing a compassion gene. I've been reading about some people who came here by boat seeking asylum. They knew that anyone who came here by boat would not be settled in Australia. They applied for citizenship and were rejected so they've been appealing this decision for years. At every single stage of the appeal process they were told they would not be allowed to stay in Australia. Whilst they were appealing they were allowed to stay in a town. They had two children. Now they've reached the end of the appeal process and are facing deportation.There's been a fuss made by the community saying that it's unfair and they should be allowed to stay in Australia. They're saying that it's not fair on the family or the kids.
I don't understand. They did something illegal. They knew all along what they were doing was illegal and that Australia doesn't accept illegal immigrants. Knowing this, they chose to have children. If leaving is unfair to the children, that's on them.
To me it's pretty simple. My bff thinks they should be allowed to stay. We had a good discussion about it but I still don't understand. Why would they think that they could break the law and get away with it?How is that different to other people who commit a crime? We don't expect them to get away with it. What's the difference? I genuinely don't understand. 
I've come to the conclusion that I must be missing a compassion gene, because I really just don't understand why people are so upset about this. Have a beautiful weekend lovely people.

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