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FFS Friday - Ranty Pants

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
If you've had enough of reading about my issues with mainstream schooling, come back next week, cause this is another school rant.
Our struggles with school continue. Whilst Chai is semi happy now, Eljay is not. 
He won't go to school unless Tiger or I are with him. I don't have the energy to do that, so he had two weeks off, then when Tiger was home last time they went together. 
The first day they went it was going well, so Tiger decided to tell Eljay he was going to the toilet, then not come back for a little while. Big mistake. 
He got assurances from the teachers that they'd call him immediately if Eljay got upset. 
When he returned about 45 minutes later Eljay was sitting there crying with no-one comforting him. They said he'd been crying for about ten minutes, which means it was probably double that. 
The next day as soon as Tiger wanted to go to the toilet Eljay insisted on going home. 
We thought maybe a different teacher would work better for Eljay, so just before he went back to work Tiger called the school and requested a change of classroom. 
Unsurprisingly they refused. Then they suggested that they meet with me to discuss some strategies to get Eljay to go to school.
Fuck that. I'm done with meetings and I refuse to leave my child at school and upset. It's not going to happen. 
I've got no more niceness or diplomacy left in me, I used it all up last year. 

If I attend a meeting with the school there's a 99.99% chance that I'll say something really rude and then withdraw both kids. Best I stay away.

I'm pretty sure they think I'm causing Eljay's issues, they've already suggested I speak to our Dr about how to deal with anxious children.
I could do that, but I won't waste my time because....
Eljay is not anxious, he's a shy introvert. Big difference. Despite what people may think, you can't change a child's nature.
One thing the Deputy said to Tiger really, really irks me. She said that when he's in the playground Eljay "doesn't make the effort to go and play with other kids". FFS!
They're trying to blame him!!!!!
He's shy! Of course he's not going to approach other kids! Do they not understand what shy kids are like? Clearly they don't!
The deputy also used another one of her favorite tactics on Tiger, she told him that if we withdraw Eljay we'll have to re-enrol him next year. So what? All that involves is filling in a form and providing proof of our address, it's not a big deal. Maybe she's afraid of forms but I'm not.
Really, as if that'd be a reason not to withdraw a child. Sure, I'll psychologically damage my child just so I don't have to fill in a form. Or not.  
Rant over. 

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