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FFS Friday - One of Those Days

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
After last weeks wall gouging effort you'd think I would have learned not to give Chai my electric toothbrush, but no, I foolishly gave it to him again, so he promptly used it to gouge three holes in the seat of our leather lounge suite. FFS.

Tiger is going to have a fit when he sees it. FFS.

I'm considering pretending I don't know it happened. FFS.

Later that day, still not having learned from my mistakes I let him play with the baby scissors, so he cut a hole in my favorite cushion. FFS.

I now keep him away from anything that he could potentially use to destroy our home. FFS.

Saturday the PILs rang to see how I was going with Tiger being away. They kept on hinting that they wanted to come down, so I said they could visit on Sunday. I asked them to get here at 11am so they could see Chai before he goes to sleep. They arrived at 12.30 when he was asleep. FFS.

After they'd been here a few hours they announced that they were going to stay the night. FFS.

I was not impressed. FFS.

MIL then proceeded to be bloody amazing. She helped out with Chai so that I could get a few things done, took him for a walk when I needed a rest, cooked tea and made enough leftovers so that I didn't have to cook the next day and was so helpful. Not FFS.

This proves that she is perfectly capable of behaving herself she just doesn't bother. FFS.

Both MIL and FIL seem to think that everything Chai does when he's with them he's doing for the first time and it's absolutely amazing. FFS.
They dutifully video every action so that they can describe it in detail and show me later on. FFS.
No matter how many times I tell them that he "does that all the time", they don't listen and insist on giving me a blow by blow description of what he's done. FFS.

Chai has been having shorter and shorter sleeps during the day. FFS.

I love his nap time because it gives me a little down time so I am desperately hoping that he isn't going to drop his daytime nap. FFS.

Wednesday I was desperately trying to get him back to sleep when I got a text message from my estate agent asking if someone could come through the house in an hour. FFS.

The house looked like it'd been hit by a bomb. FFS.

I gave up trying to get Chai back to sleep and started cleaning the house. This was made more challenging by Chai decided that he needed to be carried and refusing to be put down. FFS.

I am so not cut out for solo parenting. FFS.

Yesterday was 'one of those days'. FFS.
To ensure I knew what sort of day I was in for, it started first thing in the morning when I was awoken by Chai spewing all over me. FFS.
That's one I can cross of my bucket list. FFS.
After starting the day like that I figured things could only get better. I was wrong. FFS.
It had been a long night, Chai hadn't slept well and was very restless so I was really tired. FFS.  
Whilst I got breakfast ready I gave Chai his water bottle. He tipped the entire contents over the lounge room carpet. FFS.
He then decided he wanted the salt shaker and when I would give it to him (it's glass), he whinged for 25 minutes. I kid you not. FFS.
A little while later I was getting ready to go out when I realised that he can now open the new child locks that we put on after he figured out the old ones. FFS.
I had to watch him like a hawk all day to make sure he didn't get into the glass cupboard. FFS.
A trip to Bunnings for more safety locks is first thing on the agenda tomorrow! FFS.
That afternoon I was getting the house tidy for someone to come through. Every time I put something away he pulled it out again and within ten minutes the house looked worse than when I started. FFS.
I somehow managed to get the house tidy and took Chai to the shopping center so that he could play in the indoor playground. Not FFS.
When we got there he decided to start pushing other children! FFS.
It's the first time he's done something like that and of course he had to do it right in front of their mother. FFS.

I told him if he did it again we'd go home and that put and end to it. Not FFS.

I have been getting so many spam comments on my blog that I've had to disable anonomous commenting. FFS.
And when I say I've been getting a lot, I mean around 50 a day! FFS.
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