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FFS Friday - Of Mouse and Men

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
You know that saying "the best laid plans of mouse and men"? That was me this week. It's been months since I had some quiet time with the house to myself. I've either had kids home or Tiger home. This week I was really looking forward to two days of nice, quiet time at home. I'm an introvert so desperately need the quiet time to recuperate. Unsurprisingly it didn't happen. Monday Eljay got up and teold me he didn't think he could go to school because he had a sore belly and the runs. He then tolds me that he had it all day Sunday too but it didn't occur to him to let me know.No worries, I figured Eljay is quiet so having him at home wouldn't be too bad. Halfway through the day I got a phone call from Chai telling me he wants to come home. I told him to get his teacher to call me. Half an hour later I got a phone call to say he's been suspended. WTF. FFS.They suspended him for two and a half days. FFS.There went my two peaceful days off. It also meant that I couldn't go to work when I was supposed to as Chai would be home. I called Mum to see if she could help but she couldn't, so I had to call work and tell them I couldn't come in because of Chai being suspended.He was not allowed to go back to school until I attended a meeting with the school. I didn't have anyone to look after him so he had to come with me (despite not being allowed on school grounds whilst under suspension). Their reasons for suspending him were ridiculous and as it turns out, due to his diagnoses he was unable to do what they asked, not unwilling so should not have been suspended.I sorted it all out but it was just another thing to add to the huge pile of things I have to deal with. I'd planned to go shop the Cyber Monday sales on Monday but missed out on that. I need new work clothes so thought the sales would have been the perfect time. I'll have to wait for the new year sales. There's always something isn't there? Something stopping life from running smoothly. It'd be nice if there was just a week or two where everything ran to plan and life was simple. I don't think it ever will be though.    

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