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FFS Friday - Nucking Futs

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Friday! We've made it!I hope you all have exciting things planned for your weekend. I plan to try and keep my sanity any way possible. Considering my day started at 4.27am this morning, I don't like my chances. 
Last Sunday, first thing in the morning, Chai decided that he wanted to watch Turbo. For some reason we couldn't get the DVD player to work. FFS.
It took us two hours to get the DVD player working. FFS.

During that time Chai asked for Turbo every few minutes, Eljay screamed because he wanted breakfast and then wanted to go to sleep and I was trying to make us all breakfast. Fun times. FFS.

And this was after a very rough night with Eljay waking up constantly and our day starting at 5am. FFS.

Whilst I'm not one to wish my babies lives away, I am really looking forward to the time when they both sleep all night and I can have an uninterrupted nights sleep.

It's been 3 1/2 years since I had an uninterrupted nights sleep. FFS.
We discovered last week that both the MIL and FIL are not well. FFS.
We've known that FIL is not well for ages, he's not a healthy man, however they have been lying to us about some of his medical conditions and we found out that he is a lot worse than they told us. FFS.
MIL has been unwell too and I'm really worried about both of them. FFS.
None of the family like to talk about what will happen when MIL or FIL dies, but I really think we need to talk about it and make plans. They live 3 hours drive from us so it's not like we can pop over there to make sure they are okay. FFS.
No matter how hard we try they won't talk about it with us. FFS.
Realistically, I don't think either of them are capable of living alone which is why having a plan is so important. If only they would acknowledge that. FFS.
I can see things getting really difficult when one of them has died and they are all trying to make decisions when they are not in a fit state to do so. FFS.
Tiger is back at work again and as usual the first few days of him being away are especially tough. FFS.
The first day after Tiger left Chai spent the whole day telling me "I miss Daddy" and crying, every ten minutes. FFS.
I'm not exaggerating. FFS.
It was all day. FFS.
Drove me nucking futs. FFS.
I try to be compassionate and understanding but after I've heard it for about the 50th time it gets very difficult. FFS.
By 1pm I was counting down the minutes until bedtime. FFS.
Every night when it gets dark Chai wants to go outside to look for Daddy and he keeps telling me he's worried that Daddy won't come home again, which is totally freaking me out. FFS.

Yesterday I put the dishwasher on just before taking Chai to a class. Normally we come straight home afterwards but this time we went to do some running around. When we got home I walked inside and there was water everywhere. FFS.

Most of the kitchen floor was soaked in water. FFS.
My first though was [email protected]#*! FFS.
After that I thought it must be the dishwasher, however it was sitting there looking perfectly innocent so I decided it wasn't the dishwasher. Being clever, I thought maybe the roof had caved in. FFS.
Cause I'm sure if the roof had caved in there would only be water on the floor, no plaster or anything. I'm so intelligent. FFS.
I did some investigating and it turns out that Chai had jammed a shaker over the filtered water tap, leaving it dripping. FFS.
The water had run behind the sink, over the bench and onto the floor. FFS.
All of the junk mail (that I hadn't read) and the newspaper got soaked. FFS.
Whilst I was cleaning it up both boys had a great time playing in all the water, they both got soaking wet and thought it was great fun. I'll remember that next time we're all bored. FFS.
That concludes my weekly whinges. I'll leave you with a few things I've said this week that I never thought I'd say as a mother. 
"Get your penis off your brother!"
"Please don't sit on my head with your naked bottom"
Fun times.
If you'd like to read more whinges, head over to Sarah and Brad's blog. If you have had any FFS worthy moments, please tell me all about them so I can laugh at with you. 
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