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FFS Friday - Life is Tough

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
FFS Friday - Life is Tough
I've been trying to arrange insurance for hubby's ute since he bought it. FFS.

I got a policy but couldn't pay monthly unless he phoned up. FFS.

The call centre isn't open when he is able to call. FFS.

They told me that I needed to go online and set up a new policy in joint names so that I could change the repayments to monthly. FFS

I went online but couldn't open a policy in joint names. FFS.

In the end I had to ring up and set up a third policy, in both our names so that I could pay the bloody thing. FFS.

You'd think that giving my money away would be a lot easier! FFS.

Strangely enough, even though I used exactly the same details, each time the policy was $40 cheaper, so our third policy is $80 less than the first policy was. Not FFS.
Saturday morning I was struggling. I haven't had a break from bub for weeks, I was tired, bub was whingeing and my hayfever was really bad. FFS.
Bub and I were at the park at 7am. FFS.

I stupidly left his walker in the car, he insisted on bringing it with us then abandoned it after five minutes so I had to carry the stupid thing. FFS.

He kept on trying to join in with the huge group of men who were exercising (there were about 30 of them.) FFS.
As I was racing after him to stop him jumping on the guys doing push-ups, juggling my handbag and the walker, my phone rang. FFS.
I made a swipe at bub, grabbed hold of him and tucked him screaming, under my arm. FFS.
I had bub under one arm, the walker in the other, my handbag over my shoulders and I was trying to get the phone out of my bag. FFS.
The caller hung up before I could answer. FFS. 
I looked at my phone and realised that I had 7 missed calls from a number I didn't recognise. Immediately I thought hubby had been involved in an accident at work because who else would call me 7 times at 7.30am on a Saturday morning. FFS.
I called the number and hubby answered. He was furious because I hadn't answered the phone. FFS.
He carried on at me for not answering the phone. I told him I hadn't heard the phone and asked what he wanted, but what he wanted was to rant on about me not answering my mobile or the home phone. FFS.
I hung up on him because he refused to tell me why I had 7 missed calls from him and if everything was okay. FFS.
I spent the rest of the morning fantasizing about being single. FFS.
It was lovely. Not FFS.

Hubby later rang up to apologise and tell me he'd been worried that something was wrong. I didn't forgive him. FFS.

He just doesn't get that when you are looking after a child there are times when you just can't answer the phone, but that doesn't mean that something is wrong. FFS.

Plus, when he calls me he will call over and over again, instead of doing the sensible thing and leaving a few minutes between calls. FFS.

The reason I didn't hear the phone is because my new phone has crap ringtones and it doesn't have a standard ringing one. FFS.

It may be old fashioned, but I don't like musical ringtones, I want one that just rings like phones used to when I was a wee child. FFS.

I spent the afternoon downloading songs to use as ringtones. My ringtone is now Sweet Child of Mine. FFS.

I also have Thunderstruck on standby. FFS.

Yes, I am a bogan. FFS.

We had another home open on Saturday so I spent the morning cleaning, then finished it all off and put bub's toys away whilst he was having a nap. I timed his nap so that he would wake up just before the home open started. He woke up an hour early. FFS.
I spent that hour running around after him trying to stop him trashing the house. FFS. 
I am not a fan of bread but when I do eat it I am partial to pumpkin bread. The Brumby's near my house does a lovely pumpkin bread with sunflower seeds in it. I went in there on the weekend to get some and they told me they only make it on Mondays and Thursdays. FFS.

Monday I went in there and they told me they'd have it on Tuesday. FFS.

Tuesday I went in and they said they only have it on the weekends. FFS.

Thursday I went in there to check and sure enough they didn't have it. FFS.

I gave up and got sourdough instead. FFS.

Two weeks ago I bought a G Shock watch. Saturday I noticed that the paint is chipping off it. FFS.

I took it back to Myer with my receipt but as I didn't have the book with me, they couldn't return it. FFS.
I went back in there with the book on Tuesday. It will take six to eight weeks to get my watch back, probably longer as it's over the christmas period. FFS.
Whilst I was returning the watch a random stranger came up to me to tell me how much she hated the christmas carol that was playing because it said that everything would be allright but everything isn't all right, everything is crap so clearly the song lied. FFS.
She then went on to tell me that she used to love that song until she realised that it was not telling the truth and now it drives her crazy. FFS.
I politely suggested that she go to another shop so she didn't have to listen to the song, however she much preferred standing there telling me how much she hated the song. FFS.
I seem to attract random nutters. FFS.
The next day a lady in the queue at the post office spent 10 minutes telling me how The Daring Book For Girls was sexist and that How To Hold A Garage Sale shouldn't be in there because it's not daring. FFS.
I actually agree with her. FFS.
My favourite store Addicted 2 Lip Balm closes today. I'm so upset. It's the only place where I can buy most of my favourite lip balms. FFS.
On the upside, not being able to buy amazing lip balms will mean that I can make a start on using up the make-up case full of balms that I currently have. FFS.
That's my whingeing finished for another week. If you'd like to read more whinges, head over to Sarah's blog. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

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