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FFS Friday - It's One of Those Days Everyday Now

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
I have my computer back! Yay! Even better, it only took 1 day to fix and cost $65. Bonus! That's my good news for the week, now it's time for me to get my whinge on.
We have a good Australia Post package deliverer and a dodgy one. FFS.
The good one is the one who made a comment about me getting lots of packages when I only got 2. FFS.
The last week the dodgy package deliverer has been on. FFS.
Thursday he dropped off some packages, didn't bother knocking or ringing the doorbell and I caught him as he was about to drive off. FFS.
He was super quick, I heard him pull up and in the time it took me to get the door keys and get to the the front door (less than a minute), he was making a run for it. FFS.
When I sprung him he said "Oh, you have a doorbell, I didn't see it there". FFS.
There's no harm in knocking mate! FFS.
Friday I was expecting another package so was keeping an ear out for him. The dodgy bastard must have parked out the front so that he could do the drop and run. FFS.
The first I knew was when I got an email telling me there had been an attempted delivery. FFS.
I was really annoyed so called Australia Post and lodged a complaint about him. FFS.
Now who knows what state my packages will arrive in, he'll probably throw them at the front door from the road. FFS.
Clearly it's too difficult for him to do his job properly. FFS.
Sunday was One of Those Days. FFS.
It started at 4am. FFS.
Eljay woke up for a feed, whilst I was feeding him Chai woke up for a bottle. Chai likes to be cuddled back to sleep, which I couldn't do because I was feeding Eljay. I got Eljay back to sleep, got Chai back to sleep then Eljay woke up again because he had wind. He woke Chai up. FFS.
I nearly had Chai back to sleep when Eljay did a huge poo explosion so I had to change his nappy. I changed him and nearly had both boys back to sleep when I realised that Chai was wet so I had to change his nappy too. FFS.
I somehow managed to get Eljay back to sleep but Chai refused to go back to sleep and that was the start of our day. FFS.
It felt like we'd been awake for half a day and it was only 8am. FFS.
For some reason Chai was in a very challenging mood all day. FFS.
When I was changing Eljay's nappy Chai hit him really hard in the face. FFS.
Then when I was trying to get Eljay to sleep Chai kept on running into the room, jumping on the bed and roaring like a lion. FFS. 

We had to go to the supermarket so I got us all ready and just before we got into the car Eljay spewed all over both of us. FFS.

I got him changed, got myself changed and we headed off. We'd been at the shopping center for ages, done all our shopping, had lunch, Chai had gone on three rides and it was still only 11.30am. FFS.
Later that day Chai headbutted me in the boob. FFS.
I told him in a very calm, nice voice not to do that because it it hurt so he ran to his room, closed the door and wee'd all over the carpet. FFS.
A few hours later I was feeding Eljay and he headbutted him really hard in the head twice, so I had to feed standing up because Chai just wouldn't stop jumping on me. FFS.
Then Chai did a huge wee in the kitchen and walked in it so there were wee footprints all through the kitchen, dining room and lounge room. FFS.

Thankfully Dad came over at 3.30pm and saved the day. Not FFS.

Unfortunately for me, most of my days are like that now. FFS.
What's that saying about it taking a village to raise a child? I'd like my village please.

There is something strange going on with the comments on my blog. FFS.

They are all supposed to go through Intense Debate, however some do and some don't. FFS.

I tried reinstalling it to no avail. FFS.

So some comments go through Intense Debate and others go through Blogger. FFS.

Then Blogger randomly decides which ones it wants to publish. FFS.
So to all of you who's comments my blog has eaten, sorry!

That's the end of my weekly whinge. I hope you have all had a wonderful week. If you haven't, tell me all about it in the comments so I can have a laugh.

Dear Baby G

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