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FFS Friday - I'm Still Here

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath to find out if I bled to death. You'll be pleased to know that I'm still alive.
Having said that, this may well be my last post as the boys and I have the flu. FFS.
I fear it may kill us. FFS.
Clearly I have been infected with man flu. FFS.
Living with three males, it had to happen sooner or later. FFS.
Later would have worked for me. FFS.
Both boys are really, really sick. FFS.
I hate seeing my babies sick. FFS.
We went to the Dr for the baby yesterday and I've just made an appointment for Chai tomorrow. FFS.
Chai looked like he was getting better but all of a sudden he got a lot worse last night. FFS.
It's always worse at night. FFS.
As if being sick isn't bad enough, we have the PILs here at the moment too. FFS.
Tiger got home late Tuesday night and they arrived Wednesday. FFS.
Even though we told them we are sick. FFS.
I'm sure we will infect them, which is their own fault, however with FILs poor health he really can't afford to get sick. FFS.
Despite knowing him for nine months, FIL has just started calling Eljay Eliza. FFS.
Not only is that the wrong name, it's the wrong gender too! FFS.
Seriously, WTF? FFS.
This week Tiger and I were in the kitchen when Chai picked his nose and wiped it on the wall. FFS.
Then Tier and I had the following conversation:
Tiger: Did you see what Chai just did?
Me: No.
Tiger: He picked his nose and wiped it on the wall.
Me: Gross.
Tiger: (in a very accusatory tone) Well I didn't teach him that!
Me: I did. Of course I did, I pick my nose and wipe it on the wall all the time. 
FFS. What a stupid thing to say!
That concludes my whinges for this week. I had some really funny ones but I didn't write them down so don't remember them, hopefully I'll remember them next week.
I leave you all with the conversation I had with Chai this week.
I'd just got out of the shower and Chai wanted me to go to his room with him. I told him I had to put my clothes on first. 
Chai: (pointing to my groin) And that.
Me: And what honey?
Chai: (pointing to my groin) You need to put that back on.
Me: What on?
Chai: Your penis.
Me: Mummy doesn't have a penis, Mummy has a vagina.
Chai: Oh.
A little later that day:
Chai: Are you going to put your penis back on Mummy.
Me: No, Mummy doesn't have a penis, Mummy has a vagina.
Chai: There might be spiders in there.
Me: No, there are no spiders in there.
Chai: Oh that's good. 
Bahahaha, I love the random way his brain works!
Now that you've read my ramblings, head over to Sarah's blog to read other whinges. I might even remember to add my link this week. 
If you've had any FFS worthy moments, please share them with me in the comments.  
Dear Baby G

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