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FFS Friday - I'm Not Late

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hello Friday! You may have noticed that my post is rather late today. If you haven't noticed, then my post wasn't late, it was posted at 7am as usual.
If you have noticed, I sat down on Thursday night to add in a few final whinges but my computer battery was flat. FFS.
I'd plugged it in to charge but hadn't turned the power on. FFS.
Clever me. FFS.
Like his brother before him, Eljay has now decided that he hates the car. FFS.
He screams the whole time we are in the car. FFS.
Unlike his brother, he gets really, really upset. FFS.
Chai used to scream but it was just yelling, he didn't get really worked up. Eljay gets really upset, his face goes all red, he sweats and if we are in the car for more than five minutes he gets so worked up that he can hardly breathe. FFS.
It's horrible. FFS.
I can't walk everywhere so have decided to just stay home until Eljay is six months old and I can turn him around. FFS.
Saturday I had to go out shopping. It was pelting down with rain so I decided to go in to town where I could park undercover. All the undercover spots were taken. FFS.
When I finally got myself and the boys inside I discovered that they didn't have the things I needed at Coles. FFS.
I went to the other Coles and Eljay screamed the entire trip. FFS.
Poor baby got so worked up that the only way I could calm him down was by feeding him... whilst I was walking around the supermarket. FFS.
For those of you following along at home, you'll be pleased to know that my cervix has reappeared. Tiger is also pleased about this as it means he doesn't have to get the snip. Not FFS.
I had my gyno appointment on Monday at 4.30pm. Not a good time of day. FFS.
Thankfully I had Mum and Dad there to help. Not FFS.
Bub normally goes to sleep around 3pm and doesn't wake up again until after 9pm so the plan was for Mum and Dad to be at my house whilst I went to my appointment and if bub woke up Dad could amuse Chai whilst Mum looked after bub. Good plan. Not FFS.
Bub had an unusually long midday sleep so I didn't get him to sleep until 3.45pm. FFS.
Then I raced out and started getting ready to leave. When I told Chai that I was going to the Dr he insisted on coming with me. FFS.
I got him ready and bundled him into the car, Dad came too. FFS/Not FFS.
As soon as we'd pulled out of the driveway Chai started asking for his bottle which I hadn't bought with me as I'd left in such a rush. FFS.
He complained about that for a while then decided he didn't like the dvd that was on and said that he wanted to watch Mickey Mouse. FFS.
I explained to him that he'd have to wait until we got to the Dr because I couldn't change the dvd whilst I was driving. He alternated between crying for a bottle and crying for the dvd to be changed. FFS.
A few minutes later he was asleep. FFS.
I got to the Dr and left Dad in the car with Chai. Not FFS.
My appointment went well and it was all over in a few minutes. It cost me $280. FFS.
Chai woke up when I got into the car and started crying because he had only had a short sleep and was tired. FFS.
Then he started falling asleep again. FFS.
There was no way I wanted him going to sleep at 5pm so Dad and I spent the rest of the trip home trying to keep him awake. FFS.
When we got home Eljay was awake, he'd woken up 15 minutes after I left. FFS.
So I had two tired little babies who both needed me. FFS.
Lucky I have two hands. Not FFS.
I sat on the lounge suite cuddling Chai whilst feeding Eljay. FFS/Not FFS.
My dodgy postman has been at it again. FFS.

Monday I was expecting a package so left the front door open so I could hear him. I heard him pull up so went to the front door and once again, by the time I got there he was already back in his van. FFS.

He saw me come to the front door and started backing out of the driveway. FFS.

He'd left a package on the door mat so I got that and watched him drive off. He watched me the whole time then reversed back and came back up the driveway, gave me my package and said "Oh, there was another package". Like he forgot it. FFS.

I'm sure he didn't forget it, he'd just been planning on doing a runner again. FFS.

By Tuesday he must have resigned himself to having to knock on the door and give me my parcels, because he didn't try doing a runner, he actually handed over my parcel. Not FFS.

He's a very pleasant, friendly fellow. NOT!!!!! FFS.

Tuesday night Tiger was due home. Not FFS.
Usually when Tiger is due home Chai gets really excited. Not this time. FFS.
This time he decided that constant whinging was the best way to express his excitement. FFS.
Not to be outdone, Eljay decided to get in on the act too. FFS.
I put Eljay to sleep six times between 3pm and 8.30pm and each time he'd sleep for 15 to 20 minutes then wake up again. FFS.
Chai crying and yelling didn't help. FFS.
Dad was there to help me but Chai wouldn't have a bar of it and only wanted me. FFS.
I finally got Eljay to sleep at 8.30pm and Tiger got home a few minutes later. Not FFS.
By the time he walked in the door I was an exhausted, frazzled mess. FFS.
I usually try to look at least half decent when Tiger gets home, I failed dismally. FFS.
In anticipation of Movember Tiger has started growing a beard. FFS.
When Eljay saw him he cried. FFS.
He's shaved it back so it's just a mo and a flavor saver now, but I don't like it, it's all prickly and horrible. FFS.
I really don't know why he started growing it so soon, he can grow a full beard in a few weeks. FFS.
That's the end of my weekly whinge. I hope you have all had a great week. If you haven't, tell me all about it in the comments! If you'd like to read more whinges, head on over to Sarah's blog. 
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