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FFS Friday - I'm Back!

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
After an enforced break, I'm back! We finally got the internet back on yesterday, yay!
We've had no internet as we moved again last Wednesday. FFS.

As you can imagine, moving with a newborn and a two year old is a nightmare. FFS.

Add to that a sleep deprived, hormonal woman who's just given birth and you've got a recipe for disaster. FFS.

Thankfully my Mum and Sister (in law, but I've claimed her as my own), came over and did all of the packing and most of the unpacking for me. Not FFS.
Tiger wanted the PILs to come and help too, but I said no. FFS.
He mentioned it at least five times and I was so sick of him talking about it that I told him I was at a high risk of PND due to all the stress I've been under and that I could not cope with having the MIL around. FFS.
When that didn't shut him up I told him that he was welcome to get the PILs down and when I got PND it'd be his fault and he'd have to quit work and stay home to look after me and the kids, then we'd go broke cause we wouldn't have enough money to pay the mortgage. That shut him up. FFS.
But only temporarily. FFS.
The next day he thought he'd try a guilt trip and said "I feel really sorry for Dad, he just wants to be here helping us out but he can't because of mom." Unfortunately for Tiger my Mum is the Queen of emotional guilt/blackmail so I'm immune to it. I told him that my mental health is more important than anything else so he can quit trying to make me feel guilty about putting myself first for once. That really did shut him up. FFS.
A few days later Tiger wakes up to a message from BIL saying that he needed to call and have a serious chat with his parents. Tiger rang BIL who told him that the PILs were really upset and hurt because we didn't get them to help us move and he ranted on about how awful I am and how I stop him bonding with his nephews etc. FFS.
Tiger rang his parents who were not at all upset and didn't know what he was talking about. FFS.
Turns out BIL had totally misrepresented a conversation he'd had with FIL and decided to stir up trouble for nothing, as per usual. I really wish he'd get help and sort out his mental health issues. FFS.
As normal, he's now talking to Tiger as if nothing ever happened. FFS.
IMO the longer the family accept his behavior and said "it's just the way he is", the worse he's going to get. He really does need help and them pretending that his behavior is okay is not doing him any favours. FFS.  

We used to have all our insurance with HBF but thanks to them constantly stuffing up we now have no policies with them, or so I thought. FFS.

I phoned them a few days ago to get details of the only policy we had remaining with them. They sent me through details of a policy in Tigers name that we'd been told we didn't have. FFS.

I phoned back to get information about the correct policy, only to be told they'd cancelled it and not bothered to let me know. FFS.
The policy in Tigers name that they sent me the details of has a story attached to it. 
When Tiger bought the car I insured it. A few months later his car was parked at a friends house and all 4 tyres were slashed. FFS.
We rang up to make an insurance claim and HBF told us we didn't have a policy with them. I was sure I'd insured with them but they swore that we didn't have a policy so I assumed my baby brain had been mistaken. FFS.
Tiger was furious with me for not insuring his car but he got over it and we bought new tyres. The ones that had been slashed were really expensive and we couldn't afford them so we put cheaper ones on but it still cost us $800. FFS.
The policy that HBF sent through to me showed that I had insured Tiger's car and we had been covered at the time his tyres were slashed, so we made a claim! Not FFS.
We also got a refund for the time we'd been paying double insurance thanks to them telling us we weren't insured. Not FFS.
I mentioned a few weeks ago that one of my strawberrynet orders had been lost. FFS.
They found it, it was at the post office, but as it'd been mislabeled the post office wouldn't release it to me as they thought there was another part to the package. FFS.
I told strawberrynet this and they said they'd contact Australia Post but they didn't. FFS.
The things I ordered are now out of stock so they refunded me. FFS.
They were By Terry products that I have wanted for ages. FFS.
And knowing that they are sitting at the post office but I can't have them is just awful! FFS.
Typically, Australia Post decided to give me my package (which I'd had sent to my old address), after we'd moved. FFS.
Thankfully I'd signed up for tracking notification so I sent Tiger to get my goodies. Not FFS.
Clearly I was very, very evil in a past life (or maybe I was an awful MIL), because the PILs are here again. FFS.
We see more of them now than we did when we were living an hour away from them. FFS.
Tiger thinks this is wonderful, I do not. FFS.
After everything that's been going on lately I just want everyone gone so that we can enjoy some peace and quiet alone in our new home. FFS.
Dear Baby G

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