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FFS Friday - I Am Not an Event Planner

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hello Friday! I can smell the weekend, it's nearly here! I hope you all have something fun planned! We are having a family get together, looking at a few houses and I have no idea what else. 
As I mentioned last Friday, we met the estate agent selling our house. FFS.

He was really nice. FFS.

And very accommodating. FFS.

It was the opposite of what we were expecting. He's only been with the agency for a little while so hopefully hasn't picked up any of their dodgy practices yet. Time will tell.
The PILs were here on the weekend. FFS.
They said that they were coming down on Saturday however arrived Friday afternoon. FFS.
MIL was her usual annoying self, talking incessantly, telling us how to look after Chai etc. FFS.

Saturday night she asked Tiger what he does at work. FFS.

He's been doing the same job for 10 years. FFS.

Now that the house is for sale Tiger has decided that we need to move asap, despite us having 10 months left on our lease. FFS.
To this end he has started madly house hunting. FFS.
He spends every evening on the internet looking at houses for sale. FFS. 
When I say every evening, I mean the whole evening, from when Chai goes to sleep to when he goes to bed. FFS.
Sunday morning Chai spewed all over the lounge room. FFS.
I was cleaning it up when Tiger came in and asked me what happened. FFS.
What sort of stupid question is that? I really don't know what answer he was expecting, so I gave him the only answer I could, which was "He spewed". FFS.
Sunday night Chai decided that sleep was for wimps. FFS.

Tiger and I tag teamed. FFS.

I got about four hours sleep. FFS.

He hasn't done something like that for ages so I'm grateful that he decided to do it on a night when Tiger was home. FFS/Not FFS.

Monday we went to look at two houses for sale. FFS.

Tiger had decided he wanted to buy one of them before we even looked at it. FFS.

Thankfully I managed to convince him it wasn't a good idea. Not FFS.

Tuesday I was in a semi grumpy mood and really didn't feel like talking to anyone. Mum rang me twice, I didn't answer so she sms'd me. FFS.
I figured I'd better call her back before she started panicking and calling Tiger to see why I wasn't answering. FFS.
When I called her back she was just talking about nothing, as mums do, telling me all sorts of stories about people that I've never met and really don't give a damn about. FFS.

Sensing my mood Mum then asked what I'm doing on the weekend. As it was only Tuesday and I can barely remember what I've done a few hours ago, I told her I have no idea. FFS.

We then had the following conversation:

Mum: Has anything been arranged for this weekend?
Me: No.
Mum: Oh. So what's happening?
Me: I have no idea. Why?
Mum: Are we still getting together?
Me: I have no idea. 
Mum: So nothing has been arranged?
Me: No. What was supposed to be happening?
Mum: We were supposed to be getting together?
Me: Oh, okay. When?
Mum: I don't know, it hasn't been organised.
Me: Who was organising it?
Mum: You and your brother.
Me: I wasn't organising anything and the bro hasn't mentioned it to me.
Mum: Oh.
Me: Who's idea was it?
Mum: Mine.
Me: Well then you're organising it!
Mum: I can't organize it, it's happening down there (Mum lives an hour away from my brother and I).
Me: (in a very resigned and put upon tone of voice). Okay, I'll talk to the bro.
Mum: I can talk to him. 
Me: So when are we supposed to be getting together?
Mum: I don't know, nothing's been organised. Saturday or Sunday. What's better for you?
Me: Either, I have no idea what we are doing this weekend. What is best for my bro?
Mum: I have no idea, I haven't spoken to him. 
Me: Well when did you want to come down?
Mum: Saturday or Sunday. What's better for you?
Me: I really don't care. What's better for you?
Mum: Saturday would be better. 
Me: Are you staying overnight?
Mum: Well that depends on what you arrange.
By this time I was getting extremely frustrated so got off the phone before I said something really rude! FFS!!!!!

What does she think I am, an event planner? If you come up with an idea then you organize it, you don't expect everyone else to do it for you, especially not a very pregnant, grumpy woman! FFS.

And if you do expect a grumpy pregnant woman to arrange an event, don't complain about what she organises!

I spoke to my brother who also had no idea that we were expected to arrange anything. FFS. 
We've now arranged to get together and make lots of pizza's. That'll be fun considering Mum doesn't eat sugar, gluten or dairy products. FFS.
In the last few months I've developed an allergy to my wedding and engagement rings. FFS.
Whenever I wear them my finger gets really itchy then the skin goes all red and irritated and if I don't take them off I get a gross, red pussy rash on my finger. Lovely. FFS.
Bizarrely I can wear silver rings on that finger with no problems. FFS.
My sudden wedding ring and engagement ring allergy does not bode well for Tiger. FFS.
It's very clear that the allergy means one of two things. Either I'm allergic to him or I'm allergic to the rings. Since I'm quite partial to him and have displayed no other signs of being allergic to him, I can only assume that I am allergic to my rings. FFS.
I've told him that if the allergy doesn't clear up then he'll have to buy me new rings. Hehehe. Not FFS.
In the meantime I am wearing two silver, crystal hippie rings on my wedding finger, so now I fit right in down here. All I need is a flanno and to wear my ugg boots in public and anyone would think I've lived here forever.

Yesterday I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep, so got up, put on some washing and started doing housework. FFS.

Chai woke up early and Tiger wanted to keep on sleeping so I got Chai up and he followed me around whilst I was tidying up. As I do when I'm pregnant, I started thinking about all the mess that I was cleaning up (most of it was Tiger's) so by the time he got out of bed I'd worked myself into a medium sized, pregnant fury. FFS.
I was having a go at him, telling him that he doesn't do any housework or tidy up after himself when he came up with this gem as an excuse for not putting the dishwasher on:
Me: You haven't even started the dishwasher once. 
Tiger: I don't know how to.
Me: It's pretty simple, you put the tablet in and press go.
Tiger: I haven't been shown how to do that.
Me: Nor have I, I just figured it out for myself, how hard is it?
He had no comeback for that. FFS.
FFS, he's a grown bloody man, does he really need to be shown how to do everything? Bloody lazy men. FFS.
To his credit, he tidied up in the morning and hasn't made any mess since. Not FFS.
Thursday night, just as I was typing this up, the power went off. FFS.
Thankfully it came back on again, then went off. And stayed off. FFS.
It was 6pm, I had just finished making Chai's tea and was about to start making our tea. FFS.
We called Western Power who said that power wouldn't be restored until 9.30pm. FFS.
Tiger called my cousin who said we could go over there. Not FFS.
Then we realised that the car was in the garage and whilst we could manually open and close the door to get the car out, we wouldn't be able to get it back in as the power was out. FFS.
We took Tiger's ute. As is always the way when something like this happens, it had barely any fuel in it. FFS.
We were planning on stopping to get some fuel and tea on the way to my cousins, however the power was out in our whole suburb so that wasn't possible. FFS.
There is no takeaway in my cousins suburb, but thankfully the supermarket was open so we could buy something for tea. Not FFS. 
We got to my cousins at 6.30pm with a tired Chai who was ready to start his bedtime wind down routine. By the time we ate tea and put him in the bath he was so tired he just cried, poor little man. So we got him dressed, put him in the car, went home and thankfully the power was back on. FFS/Not FFS.
And even better, we didn't run out of fuel on the way home. Not FFS.
I've finally got my blogs facebook page up and running, however I have no idea what to do with it! If you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see on there, please let me know! 

That's it for my whinges. Would you believe I actually have more but I'm saving them for next week. Have a lovely weekend beautiful people.

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