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FFS Friday - Grass in the Driveway

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hello Friday! This week was a blink and you'll miss it week, I'm sure the weeks go faster as we get closer to christmas
Hubby had the day off on Saturday, which I was really pleased about because it meant that he could help me get the house ready for the home open. As he was home I didn't bother doing any of the preparations the day before. Saturday morning we got up and hubby started doing stuff outside whilst I was cleaning inside. I cleaned the whole house and he was still outside. FFS.
I have no idea what took him so long, he said that he was removing the grass from the driveway. FFS.
When I went outside I couldn't notice any difference. FFS.
Our driveway is not very long. In the time it took him to do that I mopped and vacuumed the whole house, washed, dried and put away the dishes, tidied up the spare room, both bathrooms, our bedroom, Chai's bedroom and both loungerooms, cleaned the toilets, both bathroom mirrors and had a shower. FFS.
The only thing hubby did that I'd normally do was wash the windows. FFS.
He then decided that he wanted to go out to breakfast. FFS.
To my great annoyance hubby refuses to eat any meals at home on the weekends, which I find totally ridculous and a huge waste of money. FFS.
The home open was at 11am, and yet we went out to breakfast. FFS.
By the time we got home it was 10.30am and we only had 1/2 an hour to finish getting the house ready. Fun. FFS.
By some miracle the house was ready by 10.50am which was good because the estate agent and people wanting to look at the house were early. FFS.
Later in the day hubby commented that I was lucky he was home to help with the home open. FFS.

I politely told him that he was no help at all as the only thing he did that I'd normally do was clean the windows. FFS.

Monday Chai was playing in my shower, which he does regularly. I was happy to let him play there for as long as he wanted, because it meant that I could put my make-up on in peace. After a while I realised that my bathroom smelt  unusually nice. FFS.
Chai had got my much loved Body Shop Moringa shower gel, screwed the lid off and tipped most of it down the drain. FFS.

On the plus side, my bathroom still smells lovely. Not FFS.

Tuesday I went down to Mandurah for the day. It took me two hours to get ready to go because Chai kept on whingeing and playing up. FFS.

When we finally got on the road, he complained non stop. FFS.

No matter what I did or gave him he wouldn't stop whining. FFS.

Ten minutes from our destination he asked for his bottle and stopped complaining. FFS.

Despite wearing sunscreen and reapplying it twice, I got sunburnt in Mandurah. FFS.

Chai was outside for the same length of time as me and I used the same sunscreen on him, he didn't get burnt. Not FFS.

How does that work? FFS.
Wednesday I was catching up with a few blog posts and waiting for the clock to hit 12:12. At 12:08 I got a text message from my estate agent telling me he was bringing people through the house at 12:30. FFS.

Naturally the house was a total mess. FFS.

I somehow managed to tidy it all up (threw heaps of stuff in the microwave and drier!), vacuumed and ready by 12:27. Call me superwoman. FFS.

Thursday Chai decided to start the day at 2.45am. FFS.
I gave up trying to get him back to sleep at 4.50am. FFS.
This meant that we missed out on his last day at playgroup and the party. FFS.
It was also the last time we would have seen everyone before we move so I didn't get to say goodby to anyone. FFS.
I've discovered that Chai is terrified of Father Christmas. Every time he sees him, even from a distance he gets really upset and starts crying hysterically. FFS.
I have no idea why as he's never been near Father Christmas, I haven't tried to get his photo taken or anything. Maybe he just thinks he looks strange. FFS.
That's the end of my whinges for the week. If you want to read more whinges, head over to Dear Baby G and you'll find a plethora of complaints :). Have a great weekend!
Dear Baby G

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