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FFS Friday - Gimme Gimme Gimme

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
I wonder if all parents spend their lives thinking they've totally fucked things up.

I know I do. FFS.

When we were on holidays I was pretty sure we'd fucked up royally. FFS.

Chai spent the whole holiday wanting things. FFS.

That was all he was interested in. FFS.

We took him to Movieworld and Seaworld, he showed slight interest in the animals at Seaworld and loved the Ninja Turtles, but the rest of the time he was all about what he could get. FFS.

He wanted toys, toys and more toys. FFS.

He spent most of the time asking for toys and complaining when we refused to buy him toys. FFS.

I know things are different now and I hate it when people say "that's how I was raised so I'll do the same to my kids", but when I was a child asking for things just wasn't how it was. You didn't ask for things and if you did you probably wouldn't get them. 

The first and only time we had a holiday that involved a plane trip we were so excited, not about what we'd get but about the experiences we'd have. 

Chai didn't give a damn about the experiences, he just wanted things. 

BIL is studying child related things at the moment and says that's normal behavior for his age. I'm not convinced. I think he's been too spoiled and we're turning him into a very material child. That's not what I want. 

Tiger and I are constantly "discussing" buying them things. 
I refuse to buy them food, drinks and toys when we go out. To me those are treats that we have every now and again (once a month) not every time we go out. Tiger thinks that it's fine to buy food and drinks every time we go out and toys once a week. I get so frustrated with him. Not only is it a waste of money it also means that when I'm with the boys they throw a tantrum because I won't buy them things. Thanks Tiger. 
I believe kids need to know the value of money and not just be handed things all the time because it's easier than dealing with their tantrums.
I suppose it's one of those parenting things, there's always going to be aspects that you don't agree on.
This week I've been stressing. FFS.
It's not normal for me, I don't usually stress, but this week I am. FFS.
I have a cold at the moment which doesn't help. FFS.
Tiger's been unwell for a while and lost a bit of weight but over the weekend he sent me a photo of himself and he looks really thin. FFS.
In the week he's been away he's lost a significant amount of weight. FFS.
He's seeing the specialist next week. Meanwhile my head is racing with all sorts of awful possibilities. FFS.
I feel like I'm surrounded by serious illnesses at the moment. FFS.
Tiger's Aunty has terminal cancer, FIL in law is in hospital with a serious illness and a friend has just been diagnosed with cancer. FFS.
Illness is a cruel thing. FFS.

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