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FFS Friday - Fully Fatspo

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
The kids are determined to make sure that I don't get fit. FFS.
I'm not Fully Fitspo I'll be Fully Fatspo instead. FFS.

Eljay has now decided he hates the creche at the gym, to the point where he cries as soon as we get into the car park. FFS.

I'll just stay overweight and unfit until he's in school. FFS.

That's three years away. FFS.


I'm one of those kindy mothers who has no idea. FFS.

A total fail. FFS.

Last Friday was Chai's sports day. FFS.

He was doing one race. FFS.

I assumed it'd be no big deal, they'd just do their race and that was it. I was wrong. FFS.

I get there in the morning and everyone is all dressed up in their faction colours. FFS.

I didn't even know what faction Chai was in. FFS.

Total Mummy fail. FFS.

It's a kindy race! FFS.

And WTF is with the competitiveness of the parents? I just don't get it. The kids are 4 and 5, who cares where they place. FFS.

Clearly, a lot of the parents do care. FFS.
They were all talking about who came first. Like it matters. FFS.
All the kindy kids got a sticker so they were happy. Not FFS.
My little champion had a great time running his race. Half way through he was having so much fun looking around and taking it all in that he stopped running and started skipping. It was so cute. Not FFS.
He was so proud of how fast he ran and really pleased that he got a sticker for running so fast. Not FFS.
This whole kindy mother thing is a world I don't understand and I just don't fit in with it. It makes no sense to me at all. Why put pressure on a child to run fast? Who cares if they can run fast? It's not an essential life skill. We don't have to run from wild beasts any more so who gives a flying figtree if someone can run fast or not? 
 And dress up days! Don't get me started on them! FFS.

Chai had a dress up day on Wednesday. FFS.

The last one was a fail so I was determined to be on the ball for this one. It was an Under The Sea theme and my little character decided he wanted to go as seaweed. Awesome. Easy. I bought him a green t-shirt, green shorts, green hairspray, green headband and green streamers. I'd planned on adorning the headband and t-shirt with streamers but Chai only wanted the headband done. FFS.

FFS Friday - Fully Fatspo
He was most excited about having green hair and green shorts, the rest didn't fuss him. On kindy day he got all dressed (note the shoes he chose) and it took a lot of convincing to get him to wear the headband. I had it on him for 2 minutes before he took it off and refused to put it back on again. FFS.

He went to kindy with green shorts, green t-shirt and green hair, that was his costume. Another mommy fail. FFS.

Ah well, at least I'm consistent. Heh.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend.

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