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FFS Friday - Forgetful

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
It's been a while since Tiger and I had a go at killing or permanently scarring our children, so last week we decided it was high time we had a go at mentally scarring Eljay. 

We dropped Chai off at school and walked to the car. Along the way we were chatting to a friend about how long things take when you have a toddler in tow.

We got to the gates and were standing there talking when another friend called to see where I was. 

I could see her standing at the other end of the school with a little blonde child next to her.
Her children are older with dark hair.
You'd think at this point something might have registered but it didn't.
She asked me where I parked and said that she couldn't see me, so I told her where I was and she told me that she had Eljay!
We'd forgotten him!
How does that happen?
Both of us had walked out of the school without him! We'd even been talking about him but hadn't realised he wasn't with us!
When we left I thought he was walking behind Tiger, but it didn't register to me when we were standing outside the school gates that he wasn't with us!
Unbelievable. If you'd told me last week that I'd forget my child I would have laughed. Mother of the year!
I console myself with the knowledge that I picked the best place to forget him. He was in a gated area where he couldn't wander off, surrounded by people who knew him and he was happily playing.
When my friend realised I'd forgotten him he happily came with her to find me, so no harm was done.
But seriously, how did I forget my baby?!      

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