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FFS Friday - First World Problems

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
For the last few weeks we've been getting our pool refurbished. FFS.
When we bought the house we knew nothing about pools so didn't think (and weren't advised) to get the pool inspected. FFS.
A few months after we bought the house we found out that the pool would soon need to be refurbished. FFS.
It's so expensive. FFS.
Initial quotes to get it re-fiber glassed were $11,000. FFS. 
Then the guy at the pool shop told us about a new finish that's environmentally friendly, has a 25 year guarantee and is a lot cheaper. Winning. Not FFS.
We arranged to get it done, sorted out our finances and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. FFS.
The pool shop guy didn't return phone calls and when we did get hold of him kept on telling us we'd hear back soon and we heard nothing. Finally a few weeks ago we got a date off him. Not FFS.
Last Monday they came around and drained the pool. They said they'd be here at 8am and arrived at 1pm. FFS.
He told us that the pool would be sanded on Tuesday, Wednesday it'd have the resin applied then Thursday or Friday the Eco finish would be put on and we'd be swimming in the pool by Friday at the latest. 
Tuesday they said they'd be here at 7am. They arrived at 8.15am. They sent one guy over to sand the whole pool on his own. It was clearly a two person job. FFS.
He only got half the job done so they said that they'd be on our doorstep at 7am Wednesday and they'd have the sanding finished by lunchtime. FFS.
By this time it was pretty clear that the shop owner couldn't arrange a root in a brothel, so we weren't holding our breath. 
Unsurprisingly, Wednesday they arrived at 8.10am. Once again it was only one guy. FFS.
He worked until 3pm and still hadn't finished the job. FFS.
Thursday they didn't bother turning up at all. FFS.
They also didn't bother calling to let us know what was going on. FFS.
Tiger called them and they said they had another pool to doand that our pool should be finished by Monday. FFS.
Friday one guy spent the whole day sanding the pool. He got it all finished and said that they'd be back to patch it on Saturday or Sunday so that it could be sprayed on Monday. Saturday morning we were going out so we called the pool guy on his mobile to check if we needed to leave the gate unlocked. Unsurprisingly he didn't answer. FFS.
We called the pool shop and he told us he wouldn't be out Saturday as he was working in the shop but that he'd be on our doorstep no later than 6.30am Monday. Sure. FFS. 
Of course, a heat wave hit on Sunday. FFS.
Of all the times you want a pool, it's during a heat wave. FFS.
We just sat and looked at the empty shell of our pool while we slowly cooked. FFS.
Monday they arrived at 8.15am. FFS.
Tuesday they came around and applied the first coat of the finish. After they were done they spent a lot of time inspecting the pool and then hit us with the great news. FFS.

The finish was bubbling in several areas because there was moisture behind the fiber glass. This meant that they'd have to sand back all the bubbled areas and then start again. FFS.

Even better, they couldn't get back to apply the finish until next Monday. FFS.

So a job that was supposed to take five days will take at least two weeks. FFS.

First world problems!!!!!
It's been a long time since we tried to kill either of the boys, so to make up for it we decided to have a go at killing all of us. FFS.
Saturday morning we took the boys to the skate park in Busselton. We had a great time and headed home around 1pm. We hadn't had a late night or a bad night's sleep, hadn't been drinking, we'd had plenty of coffee etc. It was just a regular day. I was fairly tired so closed my eyes for a little while. A few minutes later Tiger mentioned he was feeling tired so I opened my eyes to chat with him. Just after he finished saying he was quite tired he started drifting across the road in to the other lane. FFS.
Luckily it was dual lanes and there were road works on the other side, so we were only doing 60. Unbeknown to me Tiger had fallen asleep. When he started drifting across lanes I yelled out "What are you doing!" which woke him up. Not FFS.
If it'd been a few minutes earlier I would have had my eyes closed and we would have been doing 110. Scary stuff. It certainly was our lucky day. Not FFS.
Despite us both being wide awake after that scare, Tiger pulled over and I drove us home. He spent the rest of the day freaking out at how close we'd come to crashing. It was so very fortunate that we didn't crash. It makes me think of all the times that Tiger has driven tired and how lucky we've been that something awful hasn't happened. 
Don't drive tired people, it's not worth it. 

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