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FFS Friday - Everyone's Best Friend

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Last friday we had someone coming through our house. We had the house all ready and were doing the final few things when Chai power spewed all over the carpet, wall, bathroom door and bathroom floor. FFS.

It smelled so bad! I had to quickly clean it up and spray vanilla fridge wipe everywhere to try and mask the smell during the home open. FFS.

Friday night we got fish and chips for tea. We went to our regular place and as usual got minimum chips. We usually have more chips than we can eat. This is what we got this time:
FFS Friday - Everyone's Best Friend Tiger counted, we got 37 chips. FFS.

Saturday afternoon we had an estate agent from another agency scheduled to bring someone through the house. She was due at 3pm. Why they couldn't have come through at 1pm during the home open is beyond me. FFS.

We agreed that they could come through and waited around for them. At 5pm our estate agenct comes over and says that the people are running late and is it okay if they still come through. We said it was okay and continued to wait for them. FFS.

They didn't bother turning up or calling. Very poor form. FFS.

Saturday night I was sound asleep when I was awoken by a huge bang. FFS.
Tiger was in with Chai so I jumped out of bed to see where the noise had come from. It was so loud that I thought Tiger might have walked into a door and knocked himself out. FFS.
Tiger was fine so I went searching around and discovered that the noise had been Tigers drill (in it's case) falling off the shelf and hitting the cupboard door. FFS.
Have you ever wondered what happens when you leave a two year old alone with an electric toothbrush? Let me tell you. You end up with a hole gouged in the wall. FFS.
Chai decided to remove the toothbrush head and use the pointy part of the electric toothbrush as a vibrating drill. As you do. FFS.
I would have photographic evidence of this however Tiger forgot that I like to put these incidents on Instagram so repaired the hole before I could take a photo. FFS.
Thanks to cyclone Rusty we have had Tiger home for two extra days. Not FFS.
Unfortunately that means he isn't getting paid for these two days. FFS.
He left this morning. FFS.
I've decided that even though he's got equal swings, I hate him doing FIFO. FFS.
After only ten days of solo parenting I have no idea how single parents manage it full time. I don't think I could. Especially single parents with no family around to support them. Bloody amazing people. I take my hat off to you all. 
Now that Tiger has got an equal time job he is suddenly everyone's long lost best friend. FFS.
He's had at least five people call him this week asking if he can get them a job. FFS.
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