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FFS Friday - Crying Over Spilt Milk

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Continuing on with my usual poo and wee theme, I have a wee story for you this week. FFS.
Eljay is trying his best to walk so loves pushing things around and walking behind them. He's particularly fond of Chai's potty. FFS.
I always stop him touching the potty, however this week he got to it when I was busy with Chai, and tipped it over. FFS.
It was full. FFS.
He did it just before bed time after we'd had a particularly long and trying day. FFS.
I looked at the wee all over the floor, looked at my screaming children, put the matt over the wee and left it till after I'd put the boys to bed. FFS.
He did it again the next day. FFS.
And then again that same day. FFS.
I'm now making Chai use the toilet when he wants to wee. Not FFS.
Thanks to Eljay's continued teething, once again I have had very little sleep this week. FFS.
Tuesday started at 4am. FFS.
The day just got worse from there. FFS.
Chai has a shoe obsession and insists on wearing his shoes all the time. FFS.
He had boots on and accidentally kicked Eljay in the mouth. FFS.
There was blood everywhere and the poor baby had a huge fat lip. FFS.
Due to the early start, Eljay fell asleep when I was feeding him at 6.30am. Whilst I was feeding him Chai decided he wanted some milk. Unable to wait for me to get it, Chai got it himself. FFS.
He couldn't open the carton and in a fit of frustration he hit the carton and split it open. FFS.

It was a new carton. FFS.

I was holding a sleeping, feeding Eljay so couldn't move. FFS.

I could hear milk dripping everywhere. FFS.

By the time I put Eljay down and went to clear up the mess, there was milk all over the bench and halfway across the room. FFS.

[email protected]#$%^^&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All my paperwork on the bench was soaked, my phone was wet, Eljay's shoes, bibs, etc. All covered with milk. FFS.
Even worse, the new Priceline catalog that I hadn't read yet was ruined. FFS.
FFS Friday - Crying over spilt milk See, milk everywhere. And toys. The milk went right out to the yellow bus. FFS.

That's it for my complaints. I hope none of you have been crying over spilt milk this week.If you have, please tell me all about it in the comments.

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