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FFS Friday - Cropped

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
I have a funny story to tell. My MIL loves to bring us gifts. She's always bringing stuff for the boys and sometimes brings things for Tiger and I. She does most of her shopping at op shops so some of the things she brings are interesting. It's been a while since she bought anything for Tiger and I, however a few weeks ago she decided to send us presents. Brand new presents. She sent a gym bag for Tiger. It's huge and he already has a gym bag so he's going to use it as an overnight bag. She decided to get a top for me. I tried to talk her out of it as I didn't want her spending money (she's a pensioner), however she insisted. I told her I'd need a medium.She went to the sports shop and bought me a tshirt. When it arrived and I modelled it for Tiger he laughed. When I showed Mum and SD they both laughed. She bought me a small crop top. Hahahaha!I think she forgets that Tiger and I are not kids any more, we're nearly 50. This almost 50 year old does not wear crop tops. The sad thing is that it's brand new and there's no way I'd wear it. I'll give it to a friends daughter otherwise it'll just sit at my house collecting dust. 

FFS Friday - Cropped

Not a good look

I sent this photo to a friend and she told me to definitely not wear it out of the house hahahaha.

We thanked MIL and told her that I love it. I just hope she doesn't expect to see me wearing it next time she visits.

 Have a wonderful weekend beautiful people.


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