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FFS Friday - Cooked

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen

Hello Friday! I'm so happy to see you. 

This is our last week of semi normality. Next week Tiger starts a shut down so will be working 6 days a week. That'll be no fun for any of us. His transition into grumpy old man is in full swing and the shut down will only make it worse. Next Wednesday is diagnosis day. I'm calling it D day. Then again, we might not get a diagnosis. Either way, I hope we get some answers and find out how we can help Chai be a happy little boy. He's been struggling this week. We've all been struggling this week. I wish I knew how to fix things so that he's less volatile. Some of the things he's said have been so hurtful. I try really hard not to be hurt, but when those nasty words come from someone you love it's difficult not to get upset. There are times I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with my son. That's not nice. I'm hoping that things will get easier when he's back at school. He's so excited to be getting back to school. Eljay's excited to go back to school too, which I'm really pleased about. I was worried that having all this time at home would make him not want to go back to school, but buying him a new lunch box was enough to get him excited about school. Hehe, he's so cute. Right, so what do I want to whinge about this week? Food. How annoying is it having to make dinner every night! Every single night. I'm so over it. Why do my family expect to eat every night. Surely they could just have fruit or toast or something? That's what a reasonable person would do. Nope, my family expect a meal every single night. Cooking when it's hot just shouldn't be allowed. There should be a rule that if it's over 30 degrees you don't have to cook, instead a food truck will deliver a healthy, nutritious meal to your house. That'd be much more reasonable. I've been keeping a food diary for my PT for the last few weeks, it's not good. I don't eat enough and I need more protein. I'm really not up for preparing food numerous times a day, I have better things to do. I have to hand in my food diary on Monday. I've already warned her that it's bad, but I'm still expecting to be given a thorough talking to about how bad it is. I'd happily live on shakes and coffee if I could.That's one thing I've noticed, I'm really good at drinking coffee. I may forget food but I never forget my coffee. Heh.I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. 

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