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FFS Friday - Blah

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen

Hello beautiful people. Long time no talk. 

I've been doing things. I worked quite a lot last term and am working again this term but only two days a week. I've started back at the gym after a few months off, it's been painful. 

Other than that it's just been life stuff. Chai has another diagnosis to add to his long list of diagnoses. I'm still trying to get my head around it. We all had covid, we got it at the same time. We were fortunate that we didn't get really sick. It was a very cold, wet week so we spent the week laying around the house. The covid fatigue took us a few weeks to get over but we're all back to normal now. I've given up wearing a mask as I've realised I'm just going to get covid from one of the kids when they bring it home from school.I'm totally disgusted with America. Increasing gun laws and allowing states to ban abortion is horrific. You will not convince me that banning abortion is not an attack on women. I'm so angry about that. It's been a lovely cold winter but I can see signs of spring. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer. Won't be long until summer is here.We've had a spate of household items breaking. First it was the hot water system, then the coffee machine, next was the garage door, then the dishwasher and last was my computer. If things go in threes there is one more breakage coming up. We've had no coffee machine for five weeks now. I've really missed good coffee. We got a pod machine but it's just not the same. I'm seriously considering boycotting coffee until we get our machine back.We have ordered a new dishwasher and so far have been waiting two weeks with no end in sight. They can't tell us when the new machine will be here. On that note, I'm never getting an extended warranty with JB Hi Fi again, it's crap. We normally buy from Harvey Norman, they're excellent. If a warranty product can't be repaired it's replaced straight away. Simple as that. My cousin's tv died at the same time our dishwasher died. They were both under warranty, ours with JB Hi Fi, his with Harvey Norman. The repairs were organised by the same company. They came out on Thursday. Both the dishwasher and tv couldn't be fixed. Thursday afternoon Harvey Norman called my cousin, told him his tv couldn't be repaired so he'd be getting a new one. He couldn't get in that day so he went in the next day and came home with a new tv. They didn't have the same tv he'd had, so he got the next model up at no cost.We were told by the repair company that our dishwasher couldn't be fixed. We called JB Hi Fi warranty department Friday, they claimed they hadn't had any contact from the repair company. I called the repair company who resent the email that they'd sent on Thursday. Monday I called JB Hi Fi, they claimed they still hadn't received the email and said that the dishwasher couldn't be repaired but that that it'd take two days for them to decide what they were going to do. Thursday they finally told us that they were going to replace the dishwasher and that our local store would call us to arrange the replacement. Friday Tiger went to our local store who had no idea what he was talking about. He called the warranty department and they said the dishwasher wasn't going to be replaced but they'd give us gift vouchers for the amount that we'd spent (even though the model we had was now $60 more). There were no dishwashers available for the amount that we'd originally spent, so we had to spend an additional $200. We've ordered a dishwasher and have no idea when it's going to arrive. If we cancel the order we will not get a cash refund, we'll only get JB Hi Fi vouchers. Never again will I purchase an appliance from JB Hi Fi. It's not worth the grief when something goes wrong. If we'd purchased from Harvey Norman and they didn't have the same model available, they would have given us the next model up at no charge. Lesson learned.Other than that it's just been snafu. I've been feeling a bit blah and unmotivated but I'm trying to drag myself out of that. Not sure how I'll manage it.
How are you all? What's been happening? Any news? Tell me everything. Have a wonderful weekend beautiful people.

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