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FFS Friday

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hellooooo Friday. I love Fridays that herald the start of a long weekend. This weekend is extra awesome because hubby and I are going to a wedding, minus bub. Yay!
Last Friday morning at 8am I was at the tire shop getting my old rims and tyres back. FFS.
It cost me $700. FFS.
The whole fiasco has now cost us $2100. If hubby had listened to me in the first place (all 19 times I told him I didn't want new rims), we would have saved $2100. FFS.
As if that's not bad enough, he paid for it using a credit card that we'd only just paid off a few weeks ago. Now we are back to square one. FFS.
He tried to blame me for the whole thing saying I should have been happy with the rims he put on and then it wouldn't have cost us so much money! FFS.
I told him if he'd bothered to listen to me when I told him I didn't want different rims, we wouldn't be $2100 in debt now and that next time he thinks about doing something to my car he should listen to me first instead of wasting so much money on something totally unnecessary. FFS. FFS. FFS!!!!!
Last Wednesday I bought a packet of crumpets. Friday morning I toasted some up for Chai and my breakfast, got them out of the toaster and realised that they were mouldy. FFS.
Sunday arvo we took Chai to the park. We pulled up, I got him out of the car and realised that he was soaking wet. FFS.
I thought hubby had changed his nappy and he thought I'd changed it. FFS.
Chai was so wet that we had to put him back in the car and take him home to change him. FFS.
It is extremely cruel to tell a child you are taking them to the park, get them out of the car and let them see the park, then put them back in the car and take them home. FFS.
Bub let us know just how cruel this was by screaming hysterically the whole trip home and the whole time we were changing him. FFS.
He didn't cheer up until we got back to the park. Another parenting fail. FFS.
Monday morning I snuck off to the toilet by myself. You can't imagine how wonderful it is to go to the toilet without Chai eating the toilet tissue, climbing on my lap, flushing the toilet, trying to put the toilet duck down the toilet whilst I'm sitting on it etc. FFS.

All of a sudden I heard glass hitting tile. FFS.

I called Chai and asked him to "come and show Mummy what you've got." Chai comes proudly running in with hubby's aftershave bottle in his hand. FFS.

It was broken, the bottle was empty and the corner was missing. Crap. FFS.

I quickly got off the toilet and Chai took my hand and proudly took me into the living room to show me what he'd done. There was aftershave and glass shards everywhere. FFS.

Chai kept trying to help whilst I was cleaning up, so I had to shut him in his bedroom. He screamed the whole time he was in there. FFS.

Our whole house still smells like aftershave. FFS.

Tuesday I thought it was high time I paid some bills. I realised that our car and hubbys motorbike have been unregistered since the begining of August. FFS.
I also realised that our water was about to be restricted cause I haven't paid the bill. Oops. FFS. 

I used to be such an organised person. FFS.

And this is what hubby has to say:
My husband comes home on his second day from tafe after mentally frying himself, dragging his weary arse through the door. He is met with a look of "here's your child". He then proceeds to play with our child, take him for a long walk, whipped up a concoction of exotic tasting food. Fed our son with laughter, happiness and play like nothing I've ever seen before, only to have everything thrown back in his face by a female black tomcat snarling with saliva hanging off her teeth when he asked if the rubbish sitting near the rubbish bag would like to be put in. To have her turn around with the look of Freddie Kruger and those nails saying "just mind your own business." The things that my loving husband has to put up with. I think I should nominate him for father of the year.

I wrote that exactly as hubby said it. FFS.

He wanted me to pretend that I was writing it. FFS.

And now let's clarify a few things. 

I didn't meet him at the door, I met him outside in the driveway because bub and I were outside playing. FFS.

He took bub for a walk for 1/2 an hour whilst I was clearing the kitchen table of all the junk he'd left on it. FFS.

The food he "whipped up" was food that I'd cooked the previous night, he just chopped it up and mixed it all together. FFS.

I didn't tell him to mind his own business when he asked about the paperwork, I told him to leave it because I have to shred it. FFS.
See what I have to put up with? FFS.
Nice try hubby, this is my blog. FFS.
Wednesday mornings I take bub to Rhyme Time. He loves it, I get to chat to other people, it's great fun. We were up early and got to the shopping center early to do some food shopping before Rhyme Time. I parked the car, turned around to look and bub and he was asleep. FFS.
It was only 9.15am, he doesn't normally have his sleep until 11 or 12. FFS.
I wasn't sure what to do so sat in the car reading emails for 20 minutes. He didn't wake up. FFS.
I decided to take him home and see what happened, so I took him home, put him into bed and he stayed asleep for 2 1/2 hours. FFS.

One of Chai's favorite words is BRA. This is such a special word that it can't be spoken, it must be yelled at the top of his voice. FFS.

Every morning when I'm getting dressed Chai goes to my drawers, gets out a bra, throws it at me then gets another one and puts it around his neck. The whole time he's doing this he is yelling BRA, BRA, BRA at the top of his voice. FFS.

When we're out in public, if he sees a bra he starts screaming BRA, BRA, BRA. FFS.

Have a great weekend! And if you are in WA, have a great long weekend and remember it's double demerits.

Dear Baby G

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