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FFS Friday

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
There are christmas decorations in the stores now, FFS! I'm sure someone pressed the fast forward button on 2012.
Last Thursday I had bub's hair cut for the second time. Unlike the first time, it went really well, he didn't get upset and his hair looked great. Not FFS.
Saturday, hubby decided to "fix" the sides of bub's hair and so cut the hair around his ears. FFS.
It looks terrible! FFS.
We'd left it long as we were trying to grow sideburns, now we're back to square one. FFS.
Add to that, it's not even the same, or straight! FFS.
I've told hubby he is never to cut bub's hair again. FFS.
Bub is still not sleeping very well. FFS!!!!!
FIL is over visiting BIL at the moment. He's been there nearly two weeks. BIL asked FIL to stay an extra week, but FIL said no because MIL isn't well. (FIL and MIL lie all the time). FFS.
FIL has said that when he gets back, he and MIL will stay with us for a few days to 'help out'. FFS.
I pointed out to hubby that if MIL isn't well they can't stay with us and that if she is well then FIL could have stayed with BIL an extra week. FFS.
If they are going to lie you'd think they'd do it properly so they don't get caught out. FFS.
This means that next week I could potentially have FIL and MIL here for up to three days. FFS.
I'm struggling enough with bub not sleeping, add them into the mix and I may just end up in a mental hospital. FFS.
You think that's a joke. FFS.
My left eyelid has been wrinkly for about five months now. FFS.
I thought this was just an unfortunate part of getting older. FFS.
After two applications of the eczema cream it's no longer wrinkly. FFS.
So this means that all this time I haven't been using eye make-up and if I'd treated the eczema I could have been. FFS.
Saturday after two years, I finally got my super long hair chopped off. It was nearly at my waist and now it's just below my shoulders. Not FFS.
This week I've realised two things. One, I have no idea how to style short hair. FFS.
Two, short hair requires a lot more attention than long hair does. FFS.
I still prefer short hair.
A few months ago hubby entered Chai into a modelling competition. When he told me about it I told him it was a scam and that we'd get a phone call saying that Chai didn't win but they loved him and would sign him up if we paid them some money. FFS.
Friday I got a phone call from the modelling agency. FFS.

The conversation went like this:

Agency: Chai was entered into a modelling competition. We really loved him. He didn't win this time but he was the runner up, he nearly won.
Me: What a surprise.
Agency: We think we could get him a lot of work.
Me: Of course you could.
Agency: Can you come in for a meeting on Monday? We'd like to meet him to see what he's like in person and we'll tell you about what sort of jobs he'll get and how much he'll get paid. It's obligation free.
Me: I can tell you what he's like. He's full of beans, doesn't sit still and loves people.
Agency: We'd really like to meet him, can you bring him in?
Me: Yeah, okay. 
Agency: Great, see you Monday.
Me: If you decide to sign him up, how much will it cost?
Agency: The meeting is obligation free.
Me: I'm aware of that. How much is it to have him on your books?
Agency: We'd just like to meet him first and tell you how much money he could make.
Me: That's great. If you decide to list him, how much would it cost?
Agency: The meeting is free.
Me: Yes, you've told me that three times. How much would it cost for you to list him on your books?
Agency: $430 for the first 12 months.
Me: I'm not interested.
Agency: Oh, but we loved him, we could get him a lot of work.
Me: I'm not interested.
Then I hung up the phone. FFS.
They rang me again the next day trying to get me to bring Chai for a meeting. FFS.

I told them again I wasn't interested. FFS.

If they think he's that great then they can put him on their books for free. There's no way I'm paying to have Chai listed with a modelling agency. FFS.

Aside from the money, I don't want him modelling anyhow, I want him to be a child who is free and enjoys his life, not spends his time working. There's plenty of time for that when he's an adult. FFS.

Thanks to Jessica and Kimmberley, I have stupidly agreed to undertake Project 100 Pan. FFS.

For those of you who don't know what that is, it means that I won't buy any make-up, bath or body products until I've finished 100 products. Great. FFS.

I mentioned last week that bub is obsessed with swings at the moment. FFS.

I take him to the park twice a day to wear him out. This used to work a treat until he discovered the swing. Now the only person who gets worn out is me. FFS.

He won't play on anything other than the swing, and he wants to swing for at least 45 minutes. FFS.

No matter how hard I try to get him to run around and play on other things, he won't. FFS.

I've searched for parks without swings, but most of the damn things have a swing. FFS.

This week Chai has continued putting everything he can into the toilet. FFS.

Tuesday he put one of his mega blocks in there, pulled it out and drank the water. Gross. Mother of the year here. FFS.

Yesterday I got clever and super glued the toilet seat lock to the toilet so that Chai can't put everything in there. In the process I glued my fingers to the super glue tube twice. FFS.

Dear Baby G

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