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FFS Friday

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Happy Friday! This week has been a tough one for me, I'm very glad that it's over. 
My hayfever has been really bad lately. FFS.
I got some tablets and a nasal spray to help relieve the symptoms. When I got them home I read the instructions. They both say "Do not use if you are pregnant or may become pregnant." FFS.
How stupid is that? It'd be nice if they provided a timeframe. What if I get pregnant in 2 years time. Does that count? Or even 4 weeks time? Basically it's saying that any female of child bearing age cannot use the medication. Great. FFS.
The nearly spring weather has made me realize that I need some new t-shirts. I went to Target and bought 4. When I got home I tried them on and realised that I don't like 3 of them. FFS. 
Friday night hubby came home from work and told me the reason bub doesn't sleep well is because I didn't read Save Our Sleep. FFS.
There is a story behind this. After I had bub, at least three times a week hubby would come home from work and tell me that the guys from work said we should be doing the Save Our Sleep program. I got so sick of hearing it that I got the book and told him if it's so good he could read the damned thing. He didn't. FFS.
Unfortunately for me, despite my best efforts to avoid it, I was struck down with man flu (aka a cold). FFS.
I timed it really well and got sick on Friday, just in time for the weekend.
Hubby took the weekend off to look after Chai.
Unfortunately Chai got sick too, so was up constantly on Friday night. FFS.
I got up to him once and then was up with him at 5am when he refused to go back to sleep. FFS.
Hubby had him all day Saturday and by the end of the day he'd had enough.
Saturday night bub was up constantly (every hour) and hubby expected me to deal with him because he'd had enough! FFS.
Sunday he decided he was over it so went out on his motorbike. FFS.
He was planning on being out for an hour, but thanks to the City to Surf he couldn't. Hahaha. Not FFS.
I've decided I'm going to start doing the same thing when I've had enough, if it's ok for him to take off and leave me to deal with bub then it's okay for me to do the same thing.
The whole weekend I keep on thinking "Welcome to my world sunshine. You think your job is harder than mine yet you can't even cope with 24 hours, I do this 24/7!" FFS.
This week has been my toughest week as a parent. FFS.
With both me and bub being sick I just haven't coped. FFS.
It's the first time I've felt like I'm not coping. FFS.
Bub has been very whingey and when he's not whingeing he's throwing tantrums for no reason at all. FFS.
As if that isn't bad enough bub hasn't been sleeping, he's been up at least 4 times every night. FFS.
Tuesday night he woke up at 2am and I couldn't get him back to sleep. FFS.
I tried to settle him for hours and at 5.45am I gave up. FFS.
It was at this point I reached my parenting low. I did something I never wanted to do. I put him in his cot and left him crying for 15 minutes. FFS.
  Wednesday I didn't know how I was going to make it to the weekend. FFS.
I just wanted to leave bub and go away on my own for a few days. FFS.
I even considered drugging him so that I could get some sleep. FFS.
By some miracle the stars aligned and fortune shone on me on Thursday. Clearly the universe realised that it needed to cut me a break. FFS.
We went to playgroup in the morning where bub happily played for an hour and a half. He didn't want anything to do with me the whole time. Then we got home and he slept for 3 hours and 45 minutes. After that break I felt like a different person. A few hours peace erased the whole horrible week, thank goodness for that! Not FFS.
I'll leave you all on that happy note, have a great weekend!
Dear Baby G

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