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FFS Friday

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Friday hubby was struck down in his prime. FFS.
By man flu. FFS.
I decided in the face of man flu's wrath that the only wise option was to take bub and evacuate the house. FFS.
Man Flu Victim (MFV) did not think this was a good idea, he wanted me to stay home and suffer with him. FFS.
As I was running for the front door MFV announced that he thought he was having a heart attack. FFS.
Knowing he wasn't having a heart attack I rolled my eyes, which MFV didn't appreciate at all. FFS.
He then told me he was getting chest pains. Upon further questioning he revealed that he got the pain whenever he coughed. FFS.
I'm an asthmatic so well versed in coughing and coughing related chest pain, so knew he wasn't having a heart attack. FFS.
When MFV realised that I was going to leave the house whilst he was having a heart attack, he told me that I'd feel really bad if I came home and found him dead from the heart attack. FFS.
I decided to humor him so stayed home. FFS.
How he thought me staying home would help I have no idea, as he locked himself in the bedroom with the door shut and the blankets over his head. FFS.
So even if he did have a heart attack I wouldn't have known cause he was in bed. FFS.
An hour later (by which time it was too late for me to take Chai to the class I'd been going to take him to), MFVemerges from the bedroom and tells me that I need to get Chai out of the house because he can't sleep with all the noise Chai makes. FFS.
Saturday MFV was feeling better so decided the best thing to do would be to go shopping all day. FFS.
Sunday he was really sick, what a shock. FFS.
Tuesday my day started at 3am when bub woke up and I couldn't get him back to sleep. By the time hubby came in to take over (4.30am) I was wide awake and couldn't get back to sleep. FFS.
By Tuesday we were thinking how lucky we were that bub hadn't got sick when he started vomiting. FFS.
He vomited all over the bed, so I changed the sheets and put towels over the bed in case he was sick again. Next time he was sick he totally missed the towels and vomited all over the bed, so I changed the sheets again. FFS.
Poor baby was sick all day, he spent the whole day sleeping. Unfortunately he'd only sleep in our arms, so hubby and I spent the entire day in bed with bub sleeping on one of us. FFS.
He slept in our bed Tuesday night too and had to be on top of me so I didn't sleep much and woke up really sore from being in the same position all night. FFS.
Hubby didn't sleep much either as bub kept on kicking him in the back. FFS.
Wednesday hubby was going crazy from being housebound for so long, so decided we should go shopping. FFS.
Bub was still a little off color and a bit whingey, so being out and about with him wasn't much fun. FFS.
When we got home he got really clingy but wouldn't go to hubby, he had to be with me. FFS.
I'd just received 3 really exciting packages in the mail and couldn't play with any of them because I was holding bub. FFS.
Not to be deterred I was planning on playing with everything on Thursday when bub had his sleep, however as he was still sick he would only sleep on me again. FFS.
Now I won't be able to play with my pretties until hubby has the day off on Sunday. FFS.
Wednesday night I was exhausted and Chai still wouldn't let me put him down. FFS.
Not wanting to miss out on all the action and in need of some sympathy, I was carrying Chai into the lounge room when I slipped over. FFS.
Trying not to drop him and trying not to hurt my bung knee was bloody difficult. FFS.
Hubby saw me falling so came rushing over, but didn't make it in time to stop us hitting the ground. FFS.
I managed to keep hold of Chai, but his head still lightly touched the ground. FFS.
Thankfully he was only scared and not hurt.
My knee didn't fare so well and now I'm back to limping and not being able to put much weight on it. FFS.
Plus both my knees are bruised from landing on them. FFS.
As he was helping me up hubby asked what had happened. Considering he saw the whole thing I thought this was a pretty stupid question. Unfortunately I was too tired to tell him I'd been trying to leap over an invisible elephant or something equally witty. FFS.
That was the last straw for me, so I did the only sensible thing. Shut myself in the bedroom and cried. FFS.
Now that it's been a few weeks since Chai stopped breastfeeding, I have discovered what my post breastfeeding boobs look like. FFS.
I liked them better before breastfeeding. FFS.
You know how I had to put that lock on my toilet seat to stop bub putting everything in the toilet? It's broken already. FFS.
This week I had to put fuel in the car. Usually this is hubbys job but he forgot, so I had to get it on Friday when it's really expensive. FFS.
I went to a Caltex Woolworths servo as I thought I had an 8 cents a liter off credit on my Woolworths card. I filled up and it cost $99.56. FFS.
When I went in to pay the cashier told me I didn't get anything off the fuel cause it's linked to my frequent flyer account. FFS.
If I'd know that I would have put $20 and waited until the fuel price went down again! FFS.
To put things into perspective, I could have bought two Chanel lipsticks with that money! FFS.
We have a station wagon, we've had it for 18 months now. I've always had trouble putting the boot down because it's quite high and I really have to stretch to reach it. FFS.
Yesterday I discovered that it has a handle to bring the boot down and I can reach it easily. FFS.
And that's my whinge for the week. Click on the photo below to over to Dear Baby G and check out what everyone else has been whingeing about this week.
Have a beautiful weekend :)
Dear Baby G

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