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FFS Friday

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Friday! I have painting stories for you this week. The painting is continuing this weekend, so expect more painting complaints next week too.
After spending a week doing my make-up with my foot on the toilet seat, I came up with the genius idea of doing my make-up in hubbys bathroom, where there is no toilet. FFS.
I forgot to mention this one last week. Not long after I had bub I got mastitis, an experience I never want to repeat. When he weaned I was worried I'd get it again, so mentioned to hubby that I hoped bub weaning didn't upset my boobs too much. Trying to be supportive, in a very kind voice hubby says "don't worry babe, we can get you a boob job." FFS.
As you know, we are getting ready to sell our house. Part of this involved touching up chips on the walls. The job was made more difficult as hubby had thrown away most of our leftover paint. FFS.
He found what he thought was the right colour. When he showed me the colour I told him it was too dark, but he didn't believe me. FFS.
I was right. FFS.
He then decided to do things the hard way. I know this because of the pile of painting products he bought home from Bunnings. FFS.
If he'd told me he was going to do things the hard way I would have vacated the house for the weekend. FFS.
We took off a patch of paint and got it colour matched at Bunnings. Hubby painted some on and it looked okay, so instead of waiting for it to dry to be sure it was the right colour, he patched up the whole house. FFS.
When the paint dried it was the wrong colour. FFS.
On the third go we got the right colour. FFS.
In his wisdom hubby decided that instead of just painting the little areas that he'd patched up, he'd paint a huge area. So for a patch the size of a pea he painted a square 30 cm's across. As you do. FFS.
You'd think by now he would have learned his lesson, but no, he made things worse. FFS.
Then he decided to take all the photos off the walls and paint up to head height. FFS.
I used those velcro strip things to hang the photos, he removed them and was surprised when they took paint off. FFS.
You can clearly see that he's painted up to head height, so he now has to repaint the majority of the house. FFS.
I'm an asthmatic so the paint fumes were making me sick, plus I was trying to keep bub from touching the walls. FFS.
Hubby was getting angry cause bub kept on touching the walls, what the hell did he expect? FFS.
When I say the majority of the house I am not joking. He has to do the entryway, the front lounge room, the kitchen, dining and living rooms, both hallways and the spare bedroom. FFS.
Due to hubbys shower leaking, we've had to replaster part of a wall. A friend of hubbys said that he'd come over and do it on Saturday morning, so we were sitting around waiting for him whilst bub was running amok. 20 minutes after he was due to arrive he sent a message saying that he wouldn't be coming. FFS.
The string on my tracksuit pants has annoyed me ever since I got them. It won't stay tied up and it's really long. FFS.
Sunday I finally twigged on that I could take the string out. I've had the trackies for four years. FFS.
After eight weeks my knee is nearly back to normal. Well it was, until Sunday when both hubby and bub decided to attack it. FFS.

First bub decided my knee would make a great seat, so threw himself onto my knee. FFS.

Then as if that wasn't enough, hubby was throwing his legs around and knee'd me right on my knee. FFS.

It feels like I've been set back by a few weeks. Bastards. FFS.

Citibank! They've been a nightmare to deal with ever since we opened our account. This week when my redundancy payment came through we were finally able to pay off our credit card and close the account. I phoned and got the outstanding balance, then hubby called them to get the closing balance so we knew how much to pay. We told them we'd be paying the account the next day. The payout figure they gave us was $81 more than our outstanding balance. FFS.
When hubby questioned this they said it was for "projected interest." FFS.

Hubby pointed out to them that this could not possibly be right as we don't pay $81 per day in interest, we don't even pay $81 per month in interest, however they insisted that it was right. FFS.

Hubby hung up and called back again to speak to someone else. FFS.

They told him the same thing! After much questioning and putting hubby on hold numerous times, they could not explain why they wanted to charge us $81 interest. FFS.

The next day I phoned and got the account balance, it was the same as it had been the day before, minus the $81. FFS.

I've paid off what was owing so it will be interesting to see what they say when we call again and tell them to close the account. FFS.

If they think we are going to pay $81 extra they are going to be disappointed! FFS.  
Happy weekend everyone!
Dear Baby G

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