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FFS Friday -

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hello beautiful people! As you read this I'm on holiday. I'll be back to reality tomorrow. Meanwhile you can read about the fun I had in the lead up to our trip. 
Friday I was doing a few last minute things to get ready. 

I needed to put money into my barely used savings account so that we could access it whilst we were away.

Thursday night I realised that I didn't know the pin. FFS.

I wracked my brain and came up with two pins that I thought might be the one. 

I went to the ATM on Friday and they were both wrong. FFS.

I went for a walk hoping that I'd get a brainwave and remember it, then went back to the bank. FFS.

Instead of risking having my card eaten by the machine, I went into the branch and told the teller that I'd forgotten my pin. I gave it one more try and it was wrong. FFS.

Feck. It was the only account that I could use overseas and I didn't know the pin. FFS.

Thankfully National Australia Bank can reset your pin instantly! Not FFS!

How amazing is that?
All I had to do was give my drivers license to the teller and she resent my pin to a generic one, then I went to the ATM and chose a new pin. Magic. Crisis averted. Not FFS.
Next on the list was electrolite icy poles. You'd think they'd be easy to find. Nope. FFS.
It took me three chemists to find them. FFS.
I also wanted a tube of Sudocreme but that too is impossible to find. FFS.
At the third chemist I gave up and just got a tub. FFS.
Friday afternoon I started packing and realised that our second suitcase was tiny. FFS.
Thankfully my SIL had one that I could borrow. Not FFS.
Time for a total overshare here.
I haven't had a period since I got pregnant with Eljay. Three years without a period has been glorious. Of course, the monthly curse decided to rear it's ugly head on Friday, a few days before we left for our holiday. FFS.
Great timing. NOT! FFS!
As with last week, this week has been a total Fully Fitspo fail but a great Fully Fatspo success. I haven't got to the gym once. FFS.

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