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#ff Vhs Or Beta (@vhsorbeta)

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

vhs or beta 550x366 #FF VHS OR BETA (@VHSORBETA)

With the Mecca of music that is SXSW on it’s way once again, we decided to pick out a truly noteworthy act from this years event. VHS or Beta (@vhsorbeta) are a hyperactive hybrid of sound, blending an airy, crystallised synth aesthetic with undertones of twitchy, digital funk and new wave aggression. In short, they rock! They also unquestionably possess the power to burn out your best dancing shoes. On top of this, their online persona is just as fun and colourful as their music. From cat bumpers to badunkadunk’s, the band is a pretty humorous bunch who have a very personable and modest approach to interacting with their fans.

“La. I’m inside you. What is fun on a Tuesday night?”

“Ok maybe it’s the juice but I think I officially like some dub step.”

“Id apply but i dont think my badonkadonk will make the cut [email protected]: now accepting applications for the flosstradamus twerk team”

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