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#ff Fun. (@ournameisfun)

Posted on the 17 February 2012 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

#FF is a weekly series of posts from The Wild Honey Pie where we suggest one music-related person for you to follow on Twitter and tell you why they’re so great.

Screen Shot 2012 02 17 at 3.06.45 PM 550x184 #FF FUN. (@OURNAMEISFUN)

When people ask me what sort of music we share here on The Wild Honey Pie, I generally don’t know exactly what to say. Simply put, it’s mostly “indie pop”, but overall that feels like a bullshit answer that doesn’t begin to capture the creativity of the artists we love and write about. There are a ton of “blog” bands out there that we love — we love the obscure and quirky, we love the slightly weird, we love the artists who produce albums for themselves and not the masses. We also love ourselves some really good pop music, though. Music that’s accessible and lovable from the first note and beyond.  Music that some people may be ashamed of loving. There’s no shame here.

A band that most definitely falls into that category, now more than ever, is New York based trio fun. (@ournameisfun, @andrewdost, @jackantonoff). Earlier this week, we shared a streaming version of their upcoming LP, Some Nights, and before that, pimped out their debut album Aim and Ignite (one of the first articles I ever wrote on the blog that became this one). I know I speak for Caitlin (another honey pie) when I declare my love for this band.  We’ve been listening to lead singer Nate Ruess since his days with The Format and have been completly enamored by everything he’s released since. And that includes Some Nights.

This all ties into the #FF series because, as they prepare for the release of Some Nights, I’ve noticed more than ever how great they are to their fans. Collectively, with all their accounts, they’re always chatting it up with people, giving great things away via contests, and sharing news about their music. They retweet fans’ messages and get into it with fellow musicians. For another great example of their passion, check out this letter (here) Ruess wrote to his followers.

thanks to everyone who is pre ordering #somenights ! love seeing all the messages. means so much to us that you guys are on board early on

— FUN. (@OurNameIsFun) February 3, 2012

wow RT @JBBauersfeld: @andrewdost @jackantonoff @OurNameIsFun didn’t know Nate was a football player back in the day.lockerz.com/s/171891145

— FUN. (@OurNameIsFun) January 5, 2012


@thisispancakes if you like listening to Robyn with the top down then yes

— FUN. (@OurNameIsFun) December 29, 2011

signing off now. you guys are seriously the best! the . best . ever . if you have more questions you can reach me here later- @jackantonoff

— FUN. (@OurNameIsFun) December 29, 2011

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