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#ff Css (@csssuxxx)

Posted on the 13 January 2012 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

CSS Hits Me Like A Rock 550x392 #FF CSS (@CSSSUXXX)

It’s always cool when a band you love starts following you. It’s even cooler when they reply or retweet what you send to them. But when they tweet a photo of you — I would use the term ‘bad ass cool’. Brazilian electro rockers CSS’ profile says ‘This is us. Yeah, we surrendered. Twitter, whatever…’, which would lead me to assume that they wouldn’t be too keen on using the service. Considering that they gained 12,000 followers in only seven months, though, they’re clearly doing something right.

CSS’ interaction with their fans is truly admirable and impressive — they reply, they retweet, they follow and, if you’re really lucky, they find your dorky face and send it out. It’s always a joy to read their tweets, since I never know what to expect. They can be in English, Portuguese or Japanese and are generally sent from all around the world. The band also regularly tweets video responses to questions such as “I am a big fan, but why should I see you live?”, “Individually, do you think the world is blowing the shit up next year? what things…” and “beer or cider?” No wonder fans are tweeting to them constantly and making CSS ginger bread houses!

@csssuxxx can I have a video response for this question; does the formula for success consist of killer hooks and brilliant social media interaction in today’s music industry”

“Was Baby Spice EVER anyone’s favorite Spice? #WTF”

“Hey Aussie girls!! Which sunscreen u use?? We want something oil free like 30 fps at least”

“What the fuck… Ana just told us that while she was eating in Surry hills in Sydney she bumped into jason Stackhouse”

“Mary’s strip club in Portland should be renamed “Boobs and Burritos”

“i don’t know if it’s age hitting but we find this new twitter a bit confusing”

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