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Festive Fashion for Men

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

Not only do us girls need to look the part for the festive party season, but the fellas need to sharpen up their image for all the Christmas functions they will be attending too. Outside of the office is the perfect time to shine and really show off your fashion know-how and good taste, so Christmas parties give you the chance to step out of your 9-to-5 suit and choose something really ‘you’.

So what is out there for men this winter season? A top trend for smart-casual wear is the blazer – a sharper cut than a traditional suit, it looks fashionable and classy, while accentuating broad shoulders and makes any man look more streamlined! My husband is a particular fan of the blazer and will wear one with a shirt, jumper or even denim to make any outfit look a little more dressy. He has been clamouring for a custom-fitted blazer for years and getting the right fit for someone with longer-than-normal arms is important, so it is a good investment to buy a custom-made blazer in a navy blue or deep gray that will go with anything. He’ll be able to wear it for work, special occasions and smart events all year round, so will certainly get his money’s-worth out of it! Knowing my husband, he will probably want to have a bright or patterned lining fabric, and when having a jacket custom-made, he can do just that!

mens festive party wear tailored blazers from balani

A second option for more formal festive events is the tailored suit from Balani (below). Nothing looks better on a man than a well-cut suit (just think about James Bond for a moment…) and it cannot be beaten for elegant style when combined with the right shirt and tie accessories. My husband favours a suit for this kind of event, because it means he will be warm while getting to and from the event, he can take off the suit jacket to dance and he tells me that he likes to be chivalrous by offering his jacket to shivering ladies (obviously, he only offers his jacket to me now, or at least I hope so!). Although a suit might seem a rather safe choice, you can make the look your own by choosing a cool colour, interesting pattern or textured fabric. Plus my husband likes to add the loudest bow-tie he can find – at least it serves as a good ice-breaker! James Bond he is not!

mens festive party wear tailored suits from balani

Images courtesy of Balani

So while you’re looking gorgeous and glamorous in your best party dress, your date will look equally classy in a swish tailored outfit and the pair of you will turn heads at any special events you attend over the festive period.

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