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Feminists Are Insufferable: Wrapping Gifts is Now Sexist

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

From the feminist, Jessica Valenti (who once complained that the absence of attention – even negative attention – can feel distressing) wrapping Christmas gifts is now a “gendered expectation.”

Perpetual victim of sexism Jessica Valenti

Perpetual victim of sexism Jessica Valenti

She writes for The Guardian, “No, I will NOT wrap all the presents. Why are women still responsible for the holiday joy?”

She loves everything about the holiday season! But in typical feminist fashion, it’s not time to celebrate when “you’re stuck writing 100 holiday cards to family, friends and coworkers, having to remember to tip the postal worker, baking cookies, standing in line to ship presents to distant loved ones, and eventually cooking a multi-course meal for a small army of Italian-American relatives. That results in a ” goddamn clusterf*ck.

Because when you are a feminist, there’s sexism to be found in everything, all around you: But the holidays bring on a whole new set of gendered expectations that make the season less about simply enjoying fun and family and more about enduring consumerism, chores and resentment so that everyone else can enjoy rockin’ around the Christmas tree. (I bet even Mrs Claus gets upset that Santa works one night a year but she’s dealing with hungry elves 24/7.)”

Read her full diatribe here.

feminist sandwich

I bet this womyn will be a blast to hang with on Christmas day.


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