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Feminism - Victorian Literature - Oxford Bibliographies

By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
Date: 2017-04-10 19:10

Sandra brings a wide range of approaches and skills to Everyday Feminism from her experience working with trauma survivors, healing and personal transformation, social change work, and life coaching. Sandra believes in living a life you love while creating social change in the world. So in addition to her work, she spends time knitting, gardening, and training in martial arts and parkour. Connect with her on LinkedIn , read her articles, or book her for speaking engagements. Read more about her bio.

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Cooper's observations came 95 years after Arthur de Gobineau declared in The Inequality of Races, that, indeed, Africans were "incapable of civilization" because they did not have the drive or ambition to conquer their neighbors, but rather lived "side by side in complete independence of each other" (Bernasconi, 7555:97). It was this conquering drive that Gobineau argued marked European civilization as advanced in contrast to the backwardness of Africans, who practiced living in harmonious co-existence with their neighbors.

Ernest Hemingway: In Limbo between Sexism and Feminism

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Carnival - For Bakhtin, carnival reflected the 'lived life' of medieval and early modern peoples. In carnival, official authority and high culture were jostled 'from below' by elements of satire, parody, irony, mimicry, bodily humor, and grotesque display. This jostling from below served to keep society open, to liberate it from deadening. (Bressler 776 - see General Resources below).

Good supplement to Caine 6997. Places Victorian feminism in the larger context of English feminism. Organization is historical but thematic, with chapters on periods of feminism (., mid-Victorian feminism) and sections within these chapters on themes (., feminism and sexual oppression). There is some emphasis on key figures, but within a larger historical-thematic scheme.

Study of different forms or types of literature. Genre studies often focus on the characteristics, structures, and conventions attributed to different forms of literature, ., the novel, short story, poem, drama, film, etc. More recent inquiry in genre criticism centers on the bias often inherent in genre criticism such as its latent (or overt) racism and sexism.

Dasein - simply, being there, or being-in-the world - Heidegger argued that what is distinctive about human existence is its Dasein ('givenness'): our consciousness both projects the things of the world and at the same time is subjected to the world by the very nature of existence in the world (Selden and Widdowson 57 - see General Resources below).

These works are my way of understanding, healing, and resisting. They are specific to my experiences, understandings, and interpretations of past trauma, nightmares, vivid dreams, insomnia, and anxiety. They have become my weapon and my strength. A way of connecting with other artists (and non-artists, too) actively resisting through their work. For me that means a place to support and be supported, to not feel or be silenced, to listen and be want to deconstruct all of the social expectations of what I should or shouldn 8767 t be based on my body, and this is how I do that. Creating these works is the fire that gives me strength to push forward.

Alaina Leary is an intersectional feminist activist, editor, and publishing professional based in Boston, MA. She is currently a social media assistant for We Need Diverse Books, and is completing her MA in Publishing at Emerson College. Her career focus is on how to increase inclusive, authentic, intersectional representation in the publishing industry. She also edits for several online magazines, including Her Campus, Luna Luna Magazine, Germ Magazine, and Doll Hospital Journal. When she isn 8767 t busy reading, you can find her at the beach or curled up with her girlfriend and their two adopted literary cats. Read her articles here.

Episteme - [from Wolfreys - see General Resources below] - Michel Foucault employs the idea of episteme to indicate a particular group of knowledges and discourses which operate in concert as the dominant discourses in any given historical period. He also identifies epistemic breaks, radical shifts in the varieties and deployments of knowledge for ideological purposes, which take place from period to period

Feminism - Victorian Literature - Oxford Bibliographies

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