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Fellowship Little Red One – Strange Fellows Brewing

By Mike @mikescraftbeer

From Strange Fellows Brewing in Vancouver comes their second beer in their fellowship club the "Fellowship Little Red One". These beers are only available to people that bought into the club and was the second of 4 releases. The beer pours a deep red colour with a lighter red head. The aroma consists of black currents, wood and a sour finish. The flavour is of black currents, cherries, sweetness, jam, red wine, oak, tannins and lots of sour notes. The alcohol content comes in at 5.6%. This second release was exactly what I was hoping for. A great sour beer coming from a brewer that knows his stuff!

Commercial Description: This West Coast Sour with black currants from the Fraser Valley, has been barrel-aged for over a year and is partially bottle conditioned. The currants lend berry character but with a dry herbal note (rather than sweetness) - kind of like walking on ground cover herbs on a very hot, dry summer day. There are aromas and flavours of oak, black tea, and tobacco. This complex beer should be drunk above fridge temperature, and since it's partially bottle-conditioned, it is best to decant off the sediment that sits at the bottom of the bottle.

Fellowship Little Red One – Strange Fellows Brewing

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