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Felicia Rogers Guest Post

Posted on the 24 August 2011 by Readingromances
Today I have the pleasure to receive the author Felicia Rogers! She’s one of the the Small Blogs, Big Giveaways featured authors, so let’s get to know her! Hello, my name is Felicia Rogers, and I’m an author.  Or so they tell me.  About two years ago, after reading book upon book, I decided that perhaps I could write my own.  My original plan was to write a historical romance novel.  My focus was going to be on Scotland, because I hate to admit it but I have a thing for kilts.  I love plaid.While sitting around the table one day, I had an idea for a story.  It all started with a girl and an ugly truck.  High school contains so many pressures and one of those is always getting the right girl and driving the best car.  My idea was to have a “hot” guy with an ugly car.  And the story flowed from there. After my plotting session at the family table, I realized I wanted to do a YA paranormal story, but not with vampires and werewolves but something completely different.  Paranormal with a mystery.   Something that would be completely unexpected.  And so, The Keywas created. My family and I began to go on long hikes in the woods around our local area and this brought inspiration.  The story is infused with hints of dark woods, for example:  She was turning around and around in a dark wood, when she heard it.  The growl, the snarl, the flap of wings, the creature landed in front of her and she took off running.The branches smacked her in the face, opening her skin.  She was wearing a long flowing white dress that billowed behind her with every step she took.  The tree limbs snagged her dress as she raced to get away.She could feel the hot putrid breath as the beast drew closer and closer.  She looked behind her to see her pursuer, and screamed.  The horror of its dark form terrifying…Then of course, during writing this story I went on vacation and I had to add hints from there into my story as well.  For example: Before Maddie knew what she was doing, she had pushed the craft out into the water, grabbed and oar, and stepped inside the canoe.  She used the oar to push off, heading down river as the sun began to lower.  After about an hour of paddling, it didn’t take her long to realize her mistake.  No one knew her location, and she wasn’t sure if she could get back home.Maddie tried to paddle back towards the dock but the river’s flow was against her.  The sun was setting quickly.  The river noises were becoming more pronounced.  The mosquitoes were feasting on her lily, white skin but she was unable to stop paddling to slap them away.  Then as if matters couldn’t get any worse, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a huge shape slide into the water.  Fear shot through her sluggish limbs.  What had caused her to believe this was a good idea.She began to yell, “Help!” In the end, the setting of The Key is in my fictional towns of Coal Creek and Wheeler’s Landing.  It is a mixture of many places I’ve visited. The Key is a YA paranormal suspense romance available where all ebooks are sold.  Now out is the sequel, Mara’s Secret. I may be reached at my website or my facebook fanpage. Thanks so much for reading my stories!  And as always enjoy themystery.  

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