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Feet First Today.  I Have a Lot on My Brain and Litt...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Feet first today.  I have a lot on my brain and little time to spill it out.
We found my sweet Piper a new family yesterday. Twice. The first family did not work out. We learned the hard way she is only good with my children or children she is use to. So our first family left quickly and scared to death. They are not the only ones. I had never saw Piper be agressive and it was very unnerving.  For those of you who don't know my piper, she is a Great Dane. 150 pounds and on crack. I'm sure of it. I am very happy that it worked out with our second choice for her and she sat very proudly in the little Nisson pick-up and rode right beside him to Linwood. Before he pulled out Zackary very firmly looked at the gentleman and said, "please take good care of Piper".  Evyn ran ran the truck screaming and crying for Piper to come back. (yes, it was the saddest chit ever) Me........I hid from the kids and sobbed while Danny patted me and reasurred me I'd done what was best for her. Yes, I know it's a dam dog. Don't judge me. She was part of our family and she had ourgrown our little yard. She moved to five acres. I'm still trying to convince myself I done a good thing. Snoopers........don't get any bright ideas. We still have our 200 pound Belvedere who is not pened and has free reign of the yard. Trust me when I say you don't want to slip up on him at night.  Consider yourself warned.  This is what I miss most about my 10 year adventure with raising puppies. I won't bore you with details, but 20 yapping Yorkies and Maltese were a great ADT system. They let me know real quick if i needed to get my arse out there and handle someone or something that did not belong. Belvedere, on the other hand, will bypass waking me up. He will just deal with it himself. :)
I'm sure the oldest Satan reads my blogs but I'm going to spill what happen yesterday evening anyway.
Danny mowed, helped me take down pens, shoveled stinky gravel out of them for me, weedeated and chased baby Satan while I made calls, made appointments, prepared for school today and got my sweet Pipes ready to leave. (alligator tear) Drenched in sweat and a little blood from being beat up by the Danes pen, he asked Peyton to help me pick up the yard. All HAIL BROKE LOOSE! I don't know what Danny interrupted and don't think I care to know but whatever it was must have been extremely important enough to have a teenager sized fit. It's been this way most of the Summer here. Very snappy and ill. I know the circumstances with his siblings makes it rough but his behavior yesterday was uncalled for. I have had about all I could take for one day and all the threats of him leaving and moving in with his Daddy I'd heard for six months was making my ears bleed. So I not so politely told him to pack his chit and leave. I was tired of the disrespect. Tired of the threats to move. Tired of getting that child everything he ask for and being disrespected. And I be damned if Danny drives 4200 miles a week to put $200.00 shoes on that child's feet for school today and him say the things he said to us last night. (I know your reading this, son....but it's nothing you don't know already) I'm told it's teenage hormones. So, at 10pm last night his Daddy rolled in and had to set his arse straight. I was very proud of Mike and Lacy for what they told Peyton. It went something like this:
   "I suggest you get your ass up and apologize to your Mother and ask her very nicely if you can please be allowed to come back in the house. They love you. They provide for you. You have it made here. You should be ashamed of how you have done her. I cannot provide for you like they can and I will not let you crap your future away because you were asked to pick up some sticks."
    There was much much more but I edited it for my younger readers. :)
   This morning he woke up fine. Teenage Hormones on the day I'm suffering from Mad Cow.
   So, my head hit the pillow after 12 last night and I wallered the bed till 2ish before my mind cleared and I fell asleep. 6a.m. whooped me. Lordy, did it kick my tail. But, we made it out the door and didn't accumulate our first tardy, yet.
   Peyton wanted to ride the bus. Don't blame him. I know I'm not so cool anymore since Peyton is now grown. Zackary made it up and dressed without tears. Today. Eli done a moderate amount of screaming but I kept my cool and sling shot'ed his meds down his throat. (j/k......maybe) I dropped kids and visited teachers. I left my number with Eli's new teacher, all the while trying not to cry on the first day in front of her. I know me having a crying fit while reassuring her to call me if she had any problems or needed more medication (for him, not her....sorry Ms. Bunch) would not have left a very good first impression. So, I quietly walked out and stepped over in Ms. Haley's room where I'm free to cry since she had him last year. She knows me. She knows Eli. She knows his quirks. And she knows I fall to pieces a lot when no one else is around to see it. Ms. Bunch will learn us. Learn Eli. I knew when she gave me her cell number and told me to text her anytime, that I was blessed with another good one. It'll be fine. I know I'm repeating myself with these words of encouragement. Feel free to skip over it. It's for my benefit anyway. :)  I also had the task of speaking with Zackarys teacher. LOVE LOVE LOVE that gal. Eli had her as well and she is a amazing woman. I adore NME. I am sadden that Evyn will not have the opportunity to go there. I'm told this is the final year they will be open. (dam Mad Cow is making me very emotional.....shut up) Anyway...Zackarys teacher..... we spoke for a while. She is aware of his quirks and Aspergers. And we will discuss him more when it's needed but for the most part he is very intelligent and I don't think he will have any problems. OT will be visiting for boys this year at school and I hope they are able to nip in the bud any issues that arise with Zackary.
   So, after a breif moment in my car outside the school I pulled it together and brought my tail home. I will try to enjoy the day. I will try not to worry. I will smile and relax and play with my last baby Satan that I have at home. We will read, play, eat, swing, eat, swim, hide n go seek, eat.......:)
   Have a great day Moms and Dads. My friend Kerry said it best this a.m. All parents are happy and smiling today all over the counties. But......there are those of us who are filled with fear and anxiety because we are now just waiting for the ball to drop. And it will. That's just our life.

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