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February Showers Bring March Flowers?

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
with the unseasonably warm weather around here, the flowers are starting to bloom. even though i'm not complaining about the high temperatures (wednesday it's supposed to be 81) i am nervous about frost coming around and killing off my already sprouting flowers. yesterday evening, the hubby and i took some time cleaning up the flowerbeds. we even ripped out some plants that we no longer like. as we were cleaning up, i couldn't help think about all the different flowers and shrubs i want to plant this spring/summer.
february showers bring march flowers?images via pinterest
i may not have the greatest green thumb in the world (i have killed off plenty of house plants), but i am getting better. our garden started off pretty weak when we moved in, but it has started to show some life. above are some perennials i picked out that i want to add/extend to my garden this year. i love that perennials come back every year, so i don't have to constantly plant new flowers each year. do you prefer annuals or perennials? flowers or shrubs? and what's your favorite type of flower?

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