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February Gratitude

By Clairejustalittleless
February GratitudeA simple list of gratitude from this month

♥ Enjoying work

♥ Turning down work because I've finally learnt to say no
♥ Daffodils and tulips in my favorite vases
♥ Celebrating birthdays with family and friends
♥ Eating out 
♥ Spring flowers arriving on time
♥ Daily fun on Instagram
♥ Much wardrobe editing and saying goodbye to clothes that no longer suit me
♥ Deeper sleep
♥ Planning a holiday, theater trip and a festival for later in the year
♥ Embracing new opportunities
♥ Loving reading daily
♥ The return of rock 'n' roll  – husband off to band practice after a long gap (it's been 7 years)
♥ Surviving a family health crisis (Dad) – he's fine now
♥ Painting the bathroom  - can't wait to paint our kitchen next
♥ Loving family
♥ Catching up with friends
♥ Me time
♥ Enjoying the moment 
♥ Looking forward to unknown moments ahead
♥ Thank you for reading Just a little less this month...
February Gratitude

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