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February Favourites 2012

By Jeneille @jinjer25
This month has definitely been focused on skincare. Apart from attacking my skin from within, I've been taking the time to truly care for my skin as the big 3-0 looms in the horizon. Here's what I've been using:
February Favourites 2012 Huggies Baby Wipes: I love these. Inexpensive, strong and extremely gentle on my skin. Plus it has moisturizing properties and as my skin has decided to move from combination oily to dry...this works well!
NYX eyeliner in black-brown. This creates such a beautiful natural line. Less harsh than black liner.
Vitamin E capsules: I use these to treat the hyper-pigmentation on my skin. Works wonders. It's a slow process but my skin has definitely improved! I even gave my mom to use for her psoriasis and she has reported that it's cleared up her skin in ways that the various creams and ointments did not.
C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve: I use this more as a cuticle treatment than a lipbalm! My manicurists approves!!
MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze: I"ve finally hit pan!!!! This never happens unless it's a face powder!
MAC Lipstick in Captive. A perfect daytime color for work.
Black Opal Concealer in Truly Topaz. Amazing product and gives great coverage but is a tad bit too dark for me. Great product nevertheless
Chap-stick 100% Natural lip-balm...LOVE this!!!! LOVE! Review to come! But this has replaced the Nivea Milk and Honey lip-balm for me
February Favourites 2012Palmer's Cocoa Butter Facial Moisturizer with Vitamin E and SPF 15
Great daytime moisturizer. Contains AHA and vitamin E which helps to give that youthful glow and protect your skin all at the same time!
So what have you been using? Any tips for the hyper-pigmentation issues? Let me know!

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