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(Feature) Mega March Preview

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by M00kyst @mookyst
March hasn't always been a prolific month when it comes to awesome games but this March in 2013 is very different. It's filled with a good 4 triple-A titles, which is a lot for any month. Here's my look forward to these epic games.

(Feature) Mega March Preview

Tomb Raider

Release Date: 5th March
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Windows
To Be Reviewed: Yes

If you follow my articles you'll know I have been dying for months to play the new Tomb Raider. Luckily it is being released very soon. 

(Feature) Mega March Preview

There is no doubt in my mind that it can be one of the highlights of the year offering a fantastic, story driven, single player experience that, unless you hate the series or genre, isn't to be missed. I've already covered the game and my opinions on it in other, various, articles so I'm not going to recite it all again here. If you want to know more about what I think of this upcoming game then check out some of my other articles like What Tomb Raider Can Learn From Far Cry 3In the mean time; I will await this game patiently (well not really) and prepare a review for publishing as soon as possible. 

Gears Of War: Judgment

Release Date: 22nd MarchPlatforms: Xbox 360To Be Reviewed: YesI'm not completely convinced by Gears of War: Judgment to be honest. Sure another Gears game sounds nice but is it really necessary? And is the new style that Epic Games and People Can Fly are going for going to do the game and series any good?
(Feature) Mega March Preview
There hasn't been much of a build up to release either which makes me feel like the devs are a bit half hearted about it although I'm sure that isn't the case in reality. Either way; it's a Gears game so I'm going to play it. 
(Feature) Mega March Preview
Picking up from the very beginning and favouring Baird over the likes of Marcus as the main character, Judgment tells the story of Kilo squad and the various events that they are apart of that, ultimately, lead up to their supposed capture. The story is actually looking really good and going back to the roots of the series may bring back some of the awesome memories that the original Gears Of War game created.  It's hard not to be pretty excited for it, but ultimately I'm keeping myself from getting over the top about it all. 

God Of War: Ascension 

Release Date: 15th MarchPlatforms: Playstation 3To Be Reviewed: Maybe I do like God Of War, don't get me wrong, but the series has never necessarily been one of my favourites. There are a lot of games coming out this month that I want to play and review and unfortunately I won't get time for them all; God Of War: Ascension - maybe - being one of these. Either way I'm still excited to play it (I will get round to playing it) and it is a great example of just how awesome this months game releases are.
(Feature) Mega March Preview
Set six months after Kratos killed his wife and child and before the original God Of War, Ascension looks to tell a story more focused on Kratos himself and the rage that drives and has driven him throughout the God Of War games.I really like story driven games and I like it when games go back in time to tell a part of the story that has already, technically, been acknowledged but never truly explored. It gives the developers a chance to create something very distinct and, especially in the case of this game, even moving. 
(Feature) Mega March Preview
I'm in no doubt about how amazing God Of War: Ascension's story will be. In fact, the entire game looks completely solid. Will it be better than GoW:3? That is a tough call to make. Maybe for me, but for long time fans of the series the answer to that question is still undecided until the game is released and ready for playing.

Bioshock Infinite

Release Date: 26th March

Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Windows
To Be Reviewed: Yes (With a chance of the review being delayed) 

For a series that has only had two games released and one of them not that great, it's weird to think that this, Bioshock Infinite, is one of my most anticipated games of the year. Surely it seems a bit risky to put so much faith into a series whose last installment (Bioshock 2) was pretty, well, naf? 

(Feature) Mega March Preview
But the thing is that Infinite looks damn amazing. And for good reason too. 
Bioshock 2 wasn't great because it's re-representation of Rapture just wasn't, put simply, good. While it tightened up and improved the game mechanics it lacked the freedom, exploration and downright awe that the original Bioshock inspired.

Well Infinite has a new setting, and although it might not be as good as Rapture was (maybe), it still allows for a totally new plot, characters and world to look into and explore. I just simply can't wait to be astounded again as I'm pretty sure that is exactly what Columbia - Infinite's setting - is going to do to me.

Set in 1912 the player assumes the roll of Booker DeWitt as he is tasked with escorting a girl named Elizabeth out of a city in the sky called Columbia. It sounds simple but no doubt the journey and many events that happen during it will confuse, intrigue and complicate everything.

(Feature) Mega March Preview
Infinite has received many delays so hopefully Irrational Games and 2K have perfected the formula. 
I can't wait for it myself and while I will be playing it on release day there might be a slight delay in the review time which I apologize for in advance.

These are my game highlights of March 2013. If you have any games released in the coming month or in the future that you are looking forward to then don't forget to mention them in the comments!

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