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Fearne Cotton Brushes

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Helloooo shimmers,
Did anyone else not realize that Fearne Cotton, from the adverts and celeb juice and many other programs, had a makeup brushes collection? I got this from one of my friends for my birthday cause i really needed new brushes...but was waiting on my birthday so i had a little bit more cash to spend.
Fearne Cotton Brushes
I love how they come in a little pencil case. It means when you go away your brushes don't mess up the inside of the makeup/ toilet bag. It consists of 5 double ended brushes of all sizes for a variety of different uses.
These are the brushes:
Fearne Cotton Brushes
As i said there are 5 double ended brushes, so 10 different types of brushes. Now im not much of a brush expert and so just use every brush for everything. But with these ones i decided i would try and use them in a more organised fashion!!These are the bigger brushes:
Fearne Cotton Brushes
These can be used for things like blushers, foundation, powders...well thats what i use them for. The brushes are like super super soft, which is great however it does means that when you come to do blusher...1. Your not sure how much you have put on the brush because they are the same color and because you kind of feel like you need to press harder when trying to get the blush onto the brush...2. When you do put it onto your face the first couple of times i ended up putting wayy to much on. In saying that i now love them now im used to them
These are the smaller brushes:
Fearne Cotton Brushes
These ones are for your eyeshadows, great fo doing the smokey eyes as there are little ones for smudging and for doing the eyeliner effect using eyeshadow. There is also a little lip one (the one with the little plastic bit over the tip) which is great for applying lipsticks and gloss..for example i have a lipstick that is like a big cirle so i have to use a brush to apply it otherwise i look like i have ketchup or something all around my mouth!!
All in all these get my seal of approval! x

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