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Fear Feeds the Police State

Posted on the 27 November 2012 by Adask

james spader from boston legal

james spader from boston legal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following video is an excerpt from the TV series “Boston Legal”.  It was produced in A.D. 2006.

There’s a profound lesson in this video:  The police state is not growing based on government’s aggression against its nation’s people; it’s growing based on the peoples’ apathy, indifference and cowardice.

The government doesn’t push around simply because it is powerful and assertive.  It pushes us around because most Americans are too apathetic, indifferent and cowardly to resist.

Our cowardice invites oppression.  Thus, we are the primary cause for the police state.  In the same sense that nature abhors a vacuum, society abhors an absence of courage.  A people who’ve lost the will to fight naturally attract a police state just as surely as sheep attract wolves.



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